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Classic Ferraris are without question of one of the most sought-after models in any auction and there’s a whole list of iconic Prancing Horses that have fetched millions of dollars each. The two most expensive cars sold in an auction are both Ferraris – a 1962 250 GTO and a 1957 355S. In fact, these two are the only two cars to fetch over $30 million, and with Ferraris continuing to have such massive appeal from auto collectors, we can expect big things to come out of RM Sotheby’s upcoming car auction; it’s being described as the biggest Ferrari auction in history.

For those who aren’t familiar, RM Sotheby’s is actually the go-to auction house if you’re looking for classic Ferraris. Forty percent of the cars sold by the auction house are Ferraris, including a 1956 Ferrari 290 MM that was once owned by no less than five-time Formula One champion Juan Manuel Fangio. That car sold for $28.05 million back in December 2015, barely edging the $27.5 million that somebody paid for a 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S N.A.R.T. Spider, considered to this day as the most expensive road-going Ferrari to be auctioned off. Needless to say, expectations are high for the upcoming RM Sotheby’s Ferrari auction. The event will take place in Maranello from September 8 to 10, 2017. Judging by how the auction is being advertised as carrying the “most valuable and sought-after Ferraris on the planet,” you can expect a lot of money being thrown around.

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Ferrari (with the help of RM Sotheby’s) is celebrating its 70th anniversary in style

The Biggest Ferrari Auction Ever Is Coming In September
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The 125 S roared to life on March 12, 1947 and with it the great Ferrari adventure began

I have no plans of participating in RM Sotheby’s Ferrari auction this September. I’ll get that out of the way in case somebody thinks that I’m going to be there, checkbook in hand. For one, I don’t have the money to even make an approachable bid for any of the cars. Even if I did, I wouldn’t win considering most will sell for millions of dollars without even breaking a sweat.

The Biggest Ferrari Auction Ever Is Coming In September
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In the course of 2017, Ferrari will host numerous events as part of the “Driven by Emotion” concept

Fortunately, the auction house shouldn’t have any problem moving these cars since Ferraris are known for being the most collectible among all cars in the world today. It’s not an accident that of the 10 most expensive cars sold in an auction, seven of them are Ferraris and of those seven, three of them were auctioned by RM Sotheby’s.

As to why the auction is taking place at the Ferrari Factory in the company’s hometown of Maranello, Italy? Well, the event is actually tied into the Italian automaker’s 70th-anniversary festivities. It’s a fitting occasion given how much the company has meant to the auto world in the seven decades that it’s been around and you can expect it to roll out some of the most sought-after classic Ferraris in the world. It’s still unclear which models Ferrari plans to auction off in the event, but considering the high-profile nature of the event and the direct involvement of the Prancing Horse itself, you can be sure that some records will come tumbling when the auction is all set and done. Does that mean then that the record auction price of the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO is in trouble of getting eclipsed? It’s a high number to reach, but if there was ever a time and a place for it to happen, it’s going to be at this event.

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen. We could be in store for one of the most exciting car auctions in recent memory.

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