Anyone who breathes and likes cars knows that there’s a super Vette coming. Originally dubbed the “Blue Devil” after GM Chairman Rick Wagoneer’s alma mater, the more recent names have been either the Corvette SS or the Corvette Z07, with the smart money betting on the later.
But maybe it ought to be the “Yellow Devil,” because that’s the color of the mules spotted and photographed and now visible to everyone on the internet.
It was Popular Mechanics that nailed the car in its Velocity Yellow color, and the magazine is offering up two more possible names: Grand Sport S and ZRS. 

The "Blue Devil" turns yellow
- image 176002

There are some new details, according to the magazine:
Carbon fiber roof on one of the vehicles (the yellow one, but not on the blue one unless it was painted), as well as a carbon fiber hood. (That one’s gotta be right – the C5 Z06 had a carbon fiber hood and Chevrolet made it clear that it was using that car as an experiment for production of carbon fiber components.)
Different hood, more subtle and flowing, over the supercharger. (That was inevitable; shaker hoods aren’t the style on $100,000.00 cars. The interesting question, however, is how they’re flowing air to the intake. Corvettes have always been bottom feeders, but the previous pictures of the car have shown a direct air intake. In these pictures, the hood has a power bulge, but the only visible supplemental air intake is the same as that on the current Z06.)

The "Blue Devil" turns yellow
- image 176000

Bottom line: the newest pictures show a car much closer to showroom ready than previous spy shots.
One other thing: Chevrolet is apparently validating this car. The photos show it with a “fifth wheel.”

Source: PopularMechanics

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