According to Edmund’s Inside Line, the future BMW 5-Series wagon might be dropped from the luxury automaker’s lineup and and replaced with the new sports inspired 5-Series GT. Well, at least for the U.S. market. Why? Here in the good old U.S. of A. We place a large emphasis on names. It was very unfortunate for the truck when global warming gave the large body on frame vehicles a bad name, so the automaker’s advertising departments began marketing Sport Utility Vehicles, and everything was great until gas prices skyrocketed after Hurricane Katrina and new car buyers were looking for 4 cylinder cars instead of V6s. That is when some whiz kid came up with the term “crossover” and everyone felt good about buying over sized vehicles once again.

BMW being as bold as they are declared that there was a new kind of utility vehicle on the market when they released their plus sized fast back X6. The Sports Activity Vehicle was more extreme than a sports version and way more fun than an avant. So when the Bavarian automakers decided to expand on that theme with a couple of Grand Touring models, the company realized that American consumers would rather buy a CUV than a wagon. They experienced their best sales year for the 5-Series station wagon in 2005 when the company sold 2,351 units; they hope to move as many as 8,000 Gran Turismo 5s per year.

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To be honest what is with the term crossover, traditionally when an automaker built a larger more spacious vehicle on a car’s platform it was called a minivan, but with our concern for words, the utilitarian station wagon has no room amongst a GT crowd.

Source: Inside Line

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.10.2009

we have the wagon in Canada

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