The Bmw 6 Series is already a fabulous car, add a grunty diesel powered engine and you have even better grand tourer for UK drivers. Diesel vehicle drivers would much rather sacrifice on the performance of a sports car for the added longetivity in the fuel economy. Its a compromise that is more than welcome. So, what type of diesel will be offered?

The new United Kingdom bound Bmw 635 Diesel will feature a twin turbo engine that will sound as nice as the one featured in the 5 Series- in addition to a whopping 413 lb ft of torque- this is more torque than the M6 wow! Its brother car does the note to sixy in a mere 6.5 seconds, so expect the 6 to be in the same range.
Ultimately, the 635 d should bring some new life in the 6 series line - in terms of new buyers (which shall be diesel interested buyers) and in adding a new image to the line. Bring on the diesel powered cars Bmw, let the US get a piece of them too.


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  (666) posted on 05.13.2010

This model is based on their contemporary 5 Series sedans. Available in two six-speed transmissions: a manual and a sport-oriented automatic.

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