A high-performance driving school is more than a fun thing to do. It could also save your life. A great example of this is BMW’s Ice Power Training Driving Experience. For European BMW owners, you can spend a day or two flogging slightly modified M3s around a frozen lake to learn about how to handle a car on less-than-ideal surfaces.

BMW does offer classes for lots of other things like teen drivers, high-performance track driving, and they have an M performance school too. While all those sound amazing, the video that BMW released of its ice school trips all my triggers, and pushes just about every button I have. If you have ever wondered what a BMW M3 rally car might look like, just watch the video after the jump.

I highly recommend that any owner of a high-performance vehicle like an M5 or a Porsche 911 take some sort of driving class.

After the jump you can also find out more information about the other BMW driving schools for those of you that live on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

Click through for video evidence of fun and information on how to join in.

Seriously. How amazing does that look? If you live in the U.S., and don’t have the means to make it all the way to Europe for the ice-driving course, BMW still has some options for you. Currently available on the U.S. version of BMW’s site there are three driving courses and a pair of motorcycle courses.

The car-based courses include the Teen School in one- or two-day flavors, the Driver’s Program in one- or two-day options, and the M School. The M School is available in one-day, two-day and advanced classes. For the two-wheeled enthusiast, the motorcycle classes consist of on-road or off-road instruction.

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The Teen School program is a great introduction for less experienced drivers on how to handle a car in more extreme situations. Rather than focus on racing lines and all-out speed, this course teaches car control and driving techniques to make you a safer driving in all conditions. Teaching how to react in an emergency situation is a critical part of this program. If you are wondering, the answer is no, BMW does not strictly limit this to teens. Anyone with a license can take this course.

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If you think your safety driving skills are already up to par, and you want to learn how to squeeze more performance out of your daily driver, the Driver’s Program is a great place to start. For this class you get to bomb around a track in a 335i or 135i and you learn cornering techniques, as well as participate in timed laps. Taking the two-day course nets you some time to learn about drifting and gets you a timed slalom exercise.

The M School is where all the real fun happens. Your weapons of choice include the M5 and M6, and both one- and two-day classes feature drifting, cornering instruction, and times laps. Once you have graduated from at least one M School, BMW will allow you to take the Advanced School. The Advanced class gets you into the driver’s seat of an M3 coupe, and features an honest track race at the end. This is the ultimate in BMW Driving Experiences.

Source: BMW Driving Experience

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