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The BMW M4 CSL Could Make the M4 Competition Look Weak

BMW is working on something more hardcore than the M4 Competition. The CSL Moniker will likely be revived

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The CSL moniker will be back with the latest, G82 generation, BMW M4. A prototype was spotted not long ago, with most of its camouflage taken off. It seems BMW is doing the same thing as Mercedes does with their upcoming SL., slowly uncovering parts of the car. The current M4 is already a very capable car with 473 horsepower (353 kilowatts) or 503 horsepower (375 kilowatts) in the M4 Competition. As before, the M4 CSL promises to turn things to 11. More carbon fiber and more power, 540 to be exact. And it will hit the ground through the rear wheels only.

The BMW M4 CSL Could Make the M4 Competition Look Weak Exterior Spyshots
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We have to say that this information is not yet confirmed, despite circulating the forum. We also know that the car is expected to debut this month, although that’s hardly news to anyone who follows what BMW is up to.

With the M4 and M4 Competition already on sale, the only high-performance version that remains is the CSL, which stands for “Coupe Sport Leichtbau” or “Coupe Sport Lightweight”. As such the BMW prototype is expected to be lighter, sharper, and more powerful. It also makes sense, given the moniker, that it will have a manual.

The BMW M4 CSL Could Make the M4 Competition Look Weak Exterior Spyshots
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However, the prototype sightings at the Nurburgring suggest otherwise, as seamless gear shifts have been heard.

Most likely, the prototype has a modified version of the tried and tested ZF eight-speed automatic. Moreover, we have to accept that modern-day automatics are much quicker than a manual, at least as far as performance applications go. And the CSL is all about performance.

With this in mind, we are almost certain it will not be a hybrid, despite BMW’s recent intent to electrify half of its lineup within the next few years. In any case, making the M4 CSL a hybrid would defeat the purpose of a sportier lightweight version, so those looking for a purer driving experience may take a deep breath.

The BMW M4 CSL Could Make the M4 Competition Look Weak Exterior Spyshots
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BMW is still secretive about what it is, but we expect more information will be available soon

BMW is still secretive about what the prototype is, but the member, which gave the information and goes by the username “ynguldyn” has been a reliable source of information in the past. We’ll just have to wait and see what the car really is, but so far, everything points towards an M4 CSL version. Will it be a future collectible like the iconic M3 CSL E46?

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