• The BMW M560e PHEV Will be the Next Best Thing to an M5

565-horsepower for an M lite is just incredible!

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The G60 5 Series, the middle child of the Bavarian auto giant, is coming in 2023 and will bring many changes along with it. Apart from the new design aesthetics, new powertrain choices will be offered, and among them will be a PHEV M Performance version of the 5 Series, according to the tipster ynguldyn on Bimmerpost. So while the M town CEO is hoping for a better EV future for M cars, M Performance models are quietly shaping up for electrified mobility.

The BMW M560e PHEV Will be the Next Best Thing to an M5 Exterior Spyshots
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At the end of June 2022, we learned about BMW’s secret plan for the M5 Touring PHEV, and now it is time for the M560e PHEV to have its share of attention. Ynguldyn, a Bimmerpost forum insider, has been very accurate about future BMW models, and after the M5 Touring PHEV leak, he has confirmed that the G60 5 Series will launch with an M lite trim as the range-topper. Now, this is not the first time for a PHEV M lite.

The latest 7 Series has the M760e as the top-spec performance model, which combines a B58 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six with an electric motor. As a result, the combined power output is a massive 571 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque. The BMW insider believes that the same powertrain configuration will be part of the M560e PHEV, but with lower power figures, 565 horsepower.

The BMW M560e PHEV Will be the Next Best Thing to an M5 Exterior Spyshots
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On the design front, BMW will not ruin the image of the beloved 5 Series by implementing “oversized” kidney grilles. Ynguldyn confirmed that the interior of the M560e would be reminiscent of the newer BMW cars. That means the cabin will have “more glass and metal in the trim.” The Iconic Glow will be more than just glowing intake grilles surrounds and will be part of a package.

An all-electric M lite model is also on the list and will be called i5 M50. This variant will likely come equipped with all-wheel-drive and adaptive suspension as standard, along with 19-inch wheels and the typical M lite bodywork.

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