• The BMW X7 Pickup Is a Real Thing, Folks

But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever get more than this one-off creation

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The BMW X7 has stunned automotive aficionados not necessarily through its sheer size, but more thanks to a larger-than-life front grille. The same grille is not proudly sitting on the nose of the revamped BMW 7 Series, so purists should know that it is not going anywhere. But that’s another story for some other time because we didn’t bring you here to judge on design cues. Well, in fact, we did. With good reason, mind you, because BMW just built a one-off pickup truck based on its X7. Yes, you read that right. There is an X7 pickup truck in this world, and it has been created to haul a motorcycle.

The BMW X7 Pickup - Why and How?

The BMW X7 Pickup Is a Real Thing, Folks
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First things first. So, why did BMW build a pickup version of the X7? Because they’re celebrating the BMW Motorrad Days and they needed a big-ass car that can haul a motorcycle. And because they can.

As far as the "how" is concerned, the answer is even more straightforward: the brand's plant in Munich is also home to two special divisions - Concept Vehicle Construction and Model Technology.

Within these two arms works a group of BMW vocational trainees, and we’re guessing these guys have been pretty busy over the last couple of months.

The BMW X7 Pickup Truck - I Want To Know Everything

The BMW X7 Pickup Is a Real Thing, Folks
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The BMW X7 Pickup took ten months to complete. BMW says it assigned 12 trainees on the project, who were free to choose on the concept and how to implement it. That being said, let’s delve a bit deeper into the intricate details that make up this unique show car.

For starters, you’re looking at a BMW X7 xDrive 40i. For those who don’t speak BMW’s nomination language, that’s the equivalent of 335 horsepower and 330 pound-feet of torque coming from a straight-six 3-liter gasoline unit (also turbocharged, of course) twinned to the eight-speed Steptronic automatic gearbox. Power is sent to all four corners via BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive setup. Come to think of it, given the size advantage and the amount of grunt the X7 xDrive40i delivers, turning it into a pickup makes more sense than using the X5 for the same task, especially since BMW wanted to keep the cabin’s five-seat configuration intact.

The BMW X7 Pickup Is a Real Thing, Folks
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Now, here’s what you need to understand right off the bat. This is not your workhorse pickup truck in the agricultural sense. So don’t act surprised when we tell you that the loading area is adorned with fine-polished teakwood, even though BMW saw fit to load an F850 GS motorcycle into the bed.

The BMW X7 Pickup Truck - Design

The BMW X7 Pickup Is a Real Thing, Folks
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Obviously, the cabin remains unchanged from what we already know it features in the regular X7.

The newly found bed, however, was designed to be both exquisite and practical.

Its length varies from 140 cm when closed to 200 cm when open. BMW didn’t get greedy on CFRP and used its favorite material for the roof, rear doors, and rear lid. This allowed for a 200-kilo reduction in weight compared to the production X7, which means the pickup tips the scales at 2,236 kilos instead of 2,436 kilos.

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The wood you see there is honey-colored teak that blends in just nicely with the Tanzanite Blue metallic hue from BMW Individual. All things considered, this is the closest thing to a luxury pickup truck ever created, even if we take the Mercedes-Benz X-Class into consideration. Unluckily for those who’d like to see such a contraption from BMW roaming the streets, this one-time X7 pickup is just Bavaria showing what it can deliver and flexing its muscles a bit, telling everyone "look, we can also do this, but we’d rather not." Or will they? Time will tell.

Cylinders 6
Displacement 2,998 cubic centimeters
Power 335 horsepower
Torque 330 pound-feet
Curb weight 5,370 pounds
0-60 mph 5.8 seconds
Top speed 130 mph

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2019 BMW X7 Exterior
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