• The Brabus Rocket becomes the fastest four door saloon car.

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365.7 kph for Brabus.

The Brabus Rocket lives up to its name with a top speed of 365.7 kph, for the size of this car, this speed is quite something.

The Brabus Rocket becomes the fastest four door saloon car.

Sponsored by a German magazine, the Mercedes Benz based Brabus Rocket took the track and after a few laps managed to notch up an impressive top speed of 365.7 kilometres per hour, which works out at a staggering 227.25 miles per hour, quite extraordinary for a four door saloon or this size.

The Brabus Rocket is powered by the V12, twin turbo, 6.3 ltr engine that’s straight out of the Mercedes Benz SL 600, the power output is around 730 brake horse power and can get you from zero to sixty in just under four seconds. Yet you can imagine the drive and sound inside the car probably felt as if the car was doing around half that speed.

Because the Brabus Rocket is so upgraded, it would be foolish for the makers not to upgrade virtually everything, so basically you are getting the Mercedes Benz SL 600 series, but underneath there is a completely different story going on, this could be described as the “Wolf in sheep’s clothing” but that would not do it justice, not nearly enough, this car is something else and has a price tag to match.

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