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Creativity is awesome, especially when you can express it and share it with others. This is exactly what an independent designer that goes by Colorspunge did. What you are looking at is a sinister rendering of a 1975 Ferrari 308 GTB. Although it’s not the first time we see awesome renderings, this is one of those more memorable ones. Yes, we say that about a lot of things, but there’s actually more to this rendering than you see at first glance.

The Brawler MHC 001 - A Ferrari 308 With An Apocalyptic Twist Exterior
- image 971610

You see, automotive rivalries mean that, at least in the real world, we rarely see epic cars that have been co-developed by otherwise rivaling companies. Because of this, we’ll probably never see a car that has been co-developed by McLaren and Ferrari.
This is exactly what we see here, however, as Colorspunge has turned the classic Italian car into a fully-blown mentalist...with a British engine, which we’ll touch upon in a bit.

First, the whole thing is blacked-out. After that, the 308 has been made to look like its shell was dropped on top of a 1970s Formula 1 car, like the one Nikki Lauda drove. The rear splitter delete, which provides better airflow, is as racecaresque as it gets. The staggered set of tires definitely does not belong on anything other than a Formula 1 car from the same era. Obviously, we have the obligatory flared wheel arches, so the new beefier rubber can fit in.

The Brawler MHC 001 - A Ferrari 308 With An Apocalyptic Twist Exterior
- image 971608

We promised to talk about the engine. It’s the one thing some people might say it’s out of place. To put it simply, the 4.0-liter V-8 belongs to the McLaren 720S. Ferrari fans would deem this a sacrilege, but you can’t argue with the 710 horsepower (529 kW) that comes at 7,500 RPM, reinforced by peak torque of 568 pound-feet (770 Nm) at 5,500 RPM.

The Brawler MHC 001 - A Ferrari 308 With An Apocalyptic Twist Exterior
- image 971609

Recently, we’ve been talking about epic Cyberpunk renderings and we think this one would fit right in. The back end features a full-length LED light bar that swoops downwards on both flanks. The original black trim, on the real-life 308 has been replaced with another uninterrupted LED bar. Both these design cues give the Brawler MHC 001 a very futuristic look. See for yourself.

Source: Colorsponge Carlos via Behance

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