• The Bugatti Divo Is As Easy to Drive as a Volkswagen Golf

There’s way more to the Bugatti Divo than a blistering price tag

Bugatti was pretty blunt in describing the Divo, claiming the Chiron-based derivative was, in fact, tailored specifically for the corners. And while we might know everything Bugatti wanted us to know about the Divo, nothing compares to the good ol’ driving impressions.

TopGear drove the $5.8-million Bugatti Divo and found some interesting stuff, including the way the Divo handles at low speeds, around the city.

You don’t need pro driver credentials to drive the Divo

Buying one, however, is way more complicated. In order to get your hands on a Bugatti Divo (just 40 units are to leave Molsheim), you had to own a Chiron. So, basically, you had to spend $3 million on a hypercar just to be eligible to splash almost twice the cash on the Bugatti Divo.

Now, as you’re about to find out from the attached video, the Divo might be finely tuned for endless laps on the track, but it’s as easy to drive as a Volkswagen Golf.

Sure, that might seem like a stretch, even coming from TopGear, but if it’s something Bugatti does best (among a myriad of other things) is mixing flawlessly luxury and ultra-high performance.

The Bugatti Divo Is As Easy to Drive as a Volkswagen Golf
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What’s more, the mechanical tweaks and the whole setup of the Divo helps with moving a two-ton hypercar with utmost ease even in tight spots. And as TopGear reports, the steering is light and overall, the Divo turns with “the tenacity of something much smaller,” like a DSG Golf, as clichéic as that might sound when referring to a hypercar that’s powered by an 8-liter, W-16 engine with 1500 horsepower.

That said, do check out the whole video because it also includes a surprise “guest”.

The Bugatti Divo Is As Easy to Drive as a Volkswagen Golf
- image 933309
Bugatti Divo specifications
Engine 8.0-liter W16 engine
Horsepower 1,480 HP
Torque 1,180 LB-FT
0 to 62 mph 2.4 seconds
Top Speed 236 mph

Source: TopGear

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