Planned as a series of dream lineups possible for each of GM’s brands, the first in this series, Revitalization in Action; The Dream Buick Lineup, has been a long time in the making, a collaboration of GMI Staff Member ChevroletRevived and GMI Chopper Fbodyrules.

The reason for the selection of the Buick brand as the first in our series is simple; Buick, along with the rest of BPG, is first in line for it’s $3 billion revitalization. That, along with the shared belief that the Buick brand has much yet untapped potential were the driving factors in it’s selection.

For Buick the problem has been using "proven" technology as an excuse for not spending R&D dollars on keeping things up to date. The naturally aspirated 3800 engine, for instance - the Buick Workhorse, while great in 2000, hasn’t changed a bit since then. The Lucerne’s 3800 engine gets less than 200 horsepower, while Hyundai has since introduced its Azera 3.8L V6 producing 265 horsepower.

On the tech front, Buick should have the best possible, most competitive engines that still have a track record for reliability. The 3.6L DOHC engine should be standard on the Lucerne. If that means tweaking horsepower output a bit to improve smoothness, NVH and fuel economy then so be it. It also needs 6-speed automatics across the board.

Buick needs expressive styling that oozes luxury and harkens back to its glory days of the mid 20th century.

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