Despite their current economic problems, General Motors has no plans to cancel America’s favorite sports car and will continue development on the seventh generation Chevrolet Corvette. The C7 will go into production in April of 2012 and then go on sale in the 2013 model year. We must remind you that previous reports have said that the seventh generation of the sports car was put on hold until 2014. Thankfully that is no longer the case.

Overall, the C7 Corvette will be smaller than the current version in hopes of reducing the vehicle’s weight in order to create a more efficient, better performing sports car. The materials will also be upgraded for more advances composites, think carbon fiber instead of fiber glass as well as a few high tech metals like magnesium and aluminum. It is possible that with the conservative minded market, the C7 will also be powered by a smaller engine, possibly with a turbocharger.

However the big question remains. Will the C7 be inspired by the Corvette Stingray concept that we saw in the Transformers 2 movie this past summer?


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