TheC7 Corvette has finally been unveiled! Described as the "perfect balance of technology, design and performance," the seventh-generation Corvette brings back the famous “Stingray” moniker, which was first used in the second-generation Corvette produced between 1963 through 1967. and a new design language.

During its long teasing period, the seventh-generation Corvette has been mostly described as "an evolution, not a revolution," but once the car was officially dropped, we easily understood that statement wasn’t completely honest, as the new Stingray shares only two parts with the previous generation Corvette and has been described as the most "powerful standard model ever."

So, do you see why our initial renderings were just that — an evolution of the current Corvette and they had almost nothing in common with the actual car. Plus, we had the Stingray concept unveiled in 2009 and we were kind of hoping it would inspire the current generation. But it didn’t — at least not in the proportion we expected — so once we had more details, and once the patent drawings were leaked, we immediately understood we need to createnew renderings for you.

Comparing them side by side, we have to brag about being pretty close to the real deal. Of course, there were minor details we have missed, like the new design language of the headlamps, the long ventilated hood with more pronounced lines in the real deal and slightly different taillights.

The rest however, is pretty much identical, including that cool four-tailpipe exhaust system and the “double-bubble” roof. Bottom line, we strongly hope we have helped you get a good idea on how the seventh-generation Corvette was supposed to look like weeks before it was officially revealed. We think we did a pretty good job, but we may be a little biased…


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