The Chevelle Project presents each proposed model with a gallery of renderings from multiple angles; a spec sheet that includes powertrain choices, mileages, dimensions and capacities; a chart that compares each model with potential competitors; and an Overview page full of marketing speak.

With the use of the emerging technologies developed by GM Powertrain, the new Chevelle line will be the cleanest, most powerful and most efficient ever produced. From the available High Feature V6 found in the AWD models to the Corvette-derived LS7 V8 found in the SS427 new levels of power and efficiency are there for the asking. Displacement on demand and multi-valve technology allow cleaner, more economical and environmentally friendly operation even as power is increased. Independent rear suspension systems rivaling the systems found in premium vehicles costing twice as much as a Chevelle are now standard. This new Chevelle is no straight line only drag racer, it can carve canyons with the best the world has to offer. Interior quality is the best ever to be found in a GM vehicle with fit and finish never dreamt of in the days of the classic Chevelle.

The new Chevelles have an even wider range of adaptability. The all-wheel drive versions are offered in sedan,wagon and pickup form, for performance there are the Chevelle Xtreme and SS models available in coupe, convertible, and El Camino form. For fleet operators there is a taxi and police package offered on RWD and AWD models of the sedan, wagon and crew cab pickup.

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