It’s not all about counterfeiting in the big C

So, China may be known for producing some crazy knockoff cars, but when it comes to customization, the Folks in that part of the world certainly have some interesting taste. Effspot recently took a trip to China and couldn’t help but find himself amazed at some of the custom cars that were hanging out in random places. Far be it for us to judge the taste of the folks in China – after all, American’s do some pretty weird things to cars too – but some of this stuff is outright surprising.

You’ll see a number of cars in the video above, including a weird extended wheelbase Cadillac and a Hummer that got the same treatment. There are large doses of sequins here and there, and almost everything seems to be a low-rider – well, with the exception of some random jacked up SL500 with big truck wheels. There are some really nice cars in the video too, so it’s certainly worth checking out, but there are a few WTF cars in there as well. With that said, go ahead and click play and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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