• The Christmas anti drinking and driving campaign has started in the UK.

    a1 Drinking and Driving kills

17 to 29 year olds targeted.

The police in the UK are targeting 17 to 29 year old males, as they make up one thrid of all those found positive.

The Christmas anti drinking and driving campaign has started in the UK.

The annual Christmas anti drinking and driving campaign has been running for nearly a week now, of course there are no figures coming out, but what has been said is who they are looking for, the targeted group is young, male and aged between 17 years old and 29 years old, apparently they made up nearly a one third of all of those stopped and found being positive for drinking and driving.

There are more people stopped by the police over this next few weeks than at any other time of the year, which really seems to be wrong, what happens the rest of the year? And finally on this subject one thing puzzles me, if drinking and driving is so wrong and the people that do it are so bad, then why do pubs in the UK all have car parks? Would it not be sensible to ban pub car parks? Or more to the point, why don’t the police target pubs, they only have to go around the car park, take the registration numbers of the cars and wait down the road, as they all begin to roll out of the pub, get into their cars and head off home, they get caught all of them. If you drive past a pub there are around ten to twenty cars in the car park, most of the people in there are going to be drinking and then driving so it makes sense to nip it in the bud, so to speak!!

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