It’s called the Prangler, and it will haunt your dreams

The Jeep Wrangler is one of the coolest and most popular off-road SUVs available. The Plymouth Prowler, although no longer in production, was a cool design inspired by old-school hot rods. Both are awesome vehicles to have, but merge them together and it could spell disaster design-wise. And yes, someone actually created a hybrid between the Wrangler and the Prowler and the result isn’t very fortunate.

So how can you mix a sleek car like the Prowler with a boxy crossover like the Wrangler? Well, the man who did this basically mounted a Wrangler roof on top of a Prowler body. And that’s exactly what’s wrong with it, because the Wrangler’s boxy roof doesn’t go well with the Prowler’s angular, hot-rod-inspired lines.

Granted, the Caterham Seven looks similar with a roof, but it’s a soft-top and it was specifically design to go with the rest of the body.

Making matters worse, this Prangler also features square Jeep headlamps up front, as well well as square Wrangler taillights in the rear. It’s definitely of the Frankenstein variety and I can’t help but think that someone had a Jeep Wrangler and a Plymouth Prowler laying around and had nothing better to do.

I’d take a Pontiac Aztek over this weird contraption any day of the week.

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