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The Condition of this V8-Swapped BMW E30 from Car Trek Will Break Your Heart

This BMW E30 from Car Trek needs a lot of wrenching as it combines some of the worst build decisions seen on a project car

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It is generally accepted that BMWs do not age well. Maybe they do in terms of aesthetics (except the current ones), but not in terms of reliability, as we have seen many times. Things are even less promising when you buy a car that was featured on Car Trek, which is exactly what Jared Pink from Wrench Every Day has done. The YouTuber acquired the 1987 BMW 325i E30, originally driven by Tyler Hoover, and as you would expect, the car is in a pretty rough shape. What you don’t know, however, is just how rough the old "Beemer" really is.

The Condition of this V8-Swapped BMW E30 from Car Trek Will Break Your Heart
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Proof of how reliable (some) old BMWs really are
The car survived Car Trek Season 7 and being driven by Tyler Hoover - no easy task. To our surprise, the car has undergone much worse

We can only guess the car’s true history, but the fact it has been imported from Lebanon and has all its VIN numbers scrubbed off gives us a few hints. Originally, a BMW 325i E30 comes with an M20B25, 2.5-liter inline-six engine with a single-overhead-cam and 170 horsepower. At some point, however, the engine has been replaced with an M60B40, which is a 4.0-liter DOHC V-8 that can be found in many BMWs from the late 1980s and early-1990s like the BMW 740i E32, BMW 740i E38, BMW 840i E31, and others.

While the V-8 engine is fairly reliable (for a BMW unit) there are, of course, a few things wrong with it. Most BMWs that come of age tend to soil themselves and this one is no exception, leaving puddles of engine oil anytime it sits idle for more than a minute. While the M60’s dual-row drive chain does provide some peace of mind, it’s the Niikasile bore-lining that often goes bad due to the Sulfur contained in crude oil-derived fuels. We are not even going to mention the actual execution of the engine swap, which leaves something to be desired.

The Condition of this V8-Swapped BMW E30 from Car Trek Will Break Your Heart
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There’s noticeable body damage all around the E30, which is far from its glory days. There’s a price to pay for fame and this BMW paid dearly for its main role in Car Trek. Among the things it (barely) survived were getting rear-ended, crashing into a pile of boxes, getting shot (with a paintball gun), trying to perform a PIT maneuver on a much heavier Ford Crown Vic, being driven by Hoovie, and of course, being a botched-up project car, although the latter two are debatable.

The Condition of this V8-Swapped BMW E30 from Car Trek Will Break Your Heart
- image 1084544
Numerous light accidents have left their mark
Tyler Hoover drove the E30 through boxes, tried to run a Crown Vic off the road, and was rear-ended. The E30 took all of it (and more) like a champ

We also aren’t going to mention the wiring harness and ECU location, nor the amount of zip-ties used to (barely) keep things in place. The best thing about the car is the tri-color BMW M-livery and the white exterior wrap, which looks surprisingly well...from a distance. The rest we will spare you so you can check out the video yourself and see just how bad a project car can be. If you are a BMW E30 enthusiast, the footage you are going to witness may be traumatizing.

Source: Wrench Every Day

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