• The Connaught Type-D H : the world’s first hybrid sports coupe

    Connaught Type-D H
  • Connaught Type-D H
  • Connaught Type-D H
  • Connaught Type-D H
  • Connaught Type-D H
  • Connaught Type-D H
  • Connaught Type-D H

Connaught’s hybrid Type-D beats mainstream manufacturers in the race to produce a high performance energy-efficient sports car. The stunning four seater will deliver 140mph, 0-60mph in 6.5s, 42mpg, while still complying with ultra-low emissions targets set for 2010.

Innovative and inventive engineering resulting in a 100% British sports coupé, stylish and comfortable yet practical, the Type-D embodies driving pleasure every day of the week. The Type-D lives up to the exacting performance standards and reliability of the prestigious Connaught marque of the fifties, world renowned for delivering smart engineering solutions and highly successful road and race cars.

The Connaught Type-D H : the world's first hybrid sports coupe
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Connaught Type-D H

The in-house V10 engine supplies superb performance and low emissions. This combined with the Connaught hybrid technology (18 patents pending), uses tried and tested technology in an innovative manner to provide a highly economical, world class sports coup&eacute.

The Connaught Type-D H is a unique new concept: it is the only sports coupé on the market combining excellent fuel economy, handling and class leading performance with a comfortable four seater interior layout.

V10 power

The all-aluminium, ultra-compact, 2L V10 engine is packed with innovative features. The vee-angle is just 22.5 degrees, which makes the engine narrow and gives good balance with even firing intervals. The wet cylinder liners mate directly with the cylinder head, with no gasket, and other components are sealed with rubber where necessary.

The Connaught Type-D H : the world's first hybrid sports coupe
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Connaught Type-D H

The crankshaft is pressed together from 22 components, and fed into the block from one end. Its webs double as very large main-bearing journals, but the bearing surface is very slender to keep friction down. The pistons have ceramic crowns, to reduce the heat transfer to the block. Future developments could include V8 and V12 versions of the engine.

For a rapid warm-up and maximum efficiency, the cylinder head has its own water-cooling circuit. When the block needs to be cooled as well, an interconnecting valve opens to unite the cooling circuits, pumped by an electric water pump as required. There are two valves per cylinder, a single overhead camshaft per bank with bucket tappets and variable valve timing system, and a very high (13.5 to one) compression ratio. Cross-linking of opposite inlet ports produces pressure pulses to improve low-speed torque, and each cylinder has its own throttle valve.

The engine alone reaches its torque peak at 4000rpm, but with the electric motor assisting its efforts there’s a flat torque curve of 144lb ft from 1000rpm right up to 6000rpm. That strong low-end pull is the secret of the Connaught’s pace, delivering a pulling ability extraordinary for such a compact engine unit. Maximum combined power - 162bhp - arrives at 6000rpm.

The Connaught Type-D H : the world's first hybrid sports coupe
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Connaught Type-D H

Specification Connaught Type-D H

Construction & Body

  • Steel safety frame with advanced lightweight composites and aluminium body panels


  • Construction All-alloy Connaught V10 22.5 degree with C-MHS
  • Position North-south front-mid mounted
  • Max power 162bhp at 6000rpm (120kW)
  • Torque 192Nm from 1000 to 6000rpm (144lb ft)
  • Hybrid System Electronically controlled 48 Volt hybrid system with advanced super capacitors and regenerative braking


  • Rear wheel drive
  • Five speed close ratio manual gearbox


  • Independent twin aluminium wishbone
  • Coil over monotube dampers


  • Performance weight 970 Kg
  • Gross Vehicle weight 1425 Kg


  • Length 4251 mm
  • Width 1800 mm
  • Height 1361 mm
  • Wheelbase 2830 mm
  • Front track 1575 mm
  • Rear track 1575 mm
  • Turning circle 11.0 m
  • Boot capacity 368 litres (13 cu.ft)
  • Fuel capacity 73 litres


  • 0-60mph 6.5 seconds
  • Max speed 140mph (224 km/h)
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