In general, when two companies are in direct competition, things might get a little unethical, but it’s not often you see it turn into an all-out mechanical deathmatch in the streets. But, that apparently isn’t always the case as two construction firms in China did just that with six bulldozers while witnesses on the street watch in amazement. How the situation escalated to this point seems to be a matter of opinion, but Shanghai Expat is reporting that the brawl took place as a result of the two construction firms competing for clients. Their source of this information is given as “one unnamed source,” but in all reality, who really cares about the reason? This is just downright awesome to watch.

The video is rather short, but these guys aren’t playing around as they smash into each other. One even gets knocked over in the tussle. His boy rolled onto the scene and tried to tip him back onto his wheels but failed miserably and probably did more bad than good. The battle took place in Hebei, an area located in Xingtang county. So far little is known about what led to this battle, and we’re not sure how it officially came to a stop, but authorities are apparently investigating.

With that said, go ahead and click play and enjoy the coolest battle we’ve seen so far this year.

Source: Shanghai Expat

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