The Grand Sport will debut at the Corvette Bash in late April with an invitation to sit inside

If you were old enough to drive in the late 60’s or early 1970s, you probably lusted over the first Corvette Grand Sport. Those of us that are a bit younger happily remember the 1996 Corvette Grand Sport that rocked the LT4 engine. Finally, 20 years later at the Geneva Auto Show, the new Corvette GS made its long-awaited debut. Now, only a month after that debut, we’ve received new information about Corvette GS from Mike Furman, who works out of Criswell Chevrolet in Gaithersburg, MD. For those of you who don’t know, he is well-known for being the first to release information about Corvettes to his customers.

In his communication to us, he revealed that the Corvette GS will slot between the Z51 Stingray and the Z06 price-wise. Don’t expect to hear more specific pricing, however, as that information has yet to be released. The GS is basically be a Z06 without a supercharger, and actually borrows more than a few parts from it – including the suspension. All Corvettes will be available in Watkins Glen Gray, while the collector’s edition GS will be the only one to receive Tension Blue interior like we saw the GS sporting in Geneva.

As far as availability and production goes, it is anticipated that the GS will be produced at the same time as the Stingray, so there won’t be a delay in availability. As far as we know, the Collector Edition will likely be produced later on in the model year, though, so there may be a wait for that specific model. At the Geneva Auto Show, a strict no touch, no entry policy was observed with the GS, but that was a pre-production model. When the Corvette Bash kicks off in late April, visitors will be able to inspect the vehicle up close and even sit down inside of it.

Why it Matters

Aside from the simplicity of designing and producing the GS – since it is based on the Z06 – inquiries from current owners and prospective customers is what sealed the deal and influenced Chevy to create the 2017 GS. Now that we’ve wrapped our minds around all of this new information, we’re all excited to see the production GS at the Corvette Bash. I can’t wait to get all of the official details from Chevy about this iconic model. It might not be priced as high as the Z06, but it is highly desired and should live up to the Grand Sport name well.

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

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Source: Mike Furman

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