• The Curious Case of John Cena’s Ford GT

It’s headed to the auction block for the third time in less than a year

The Ford GT that once belonged to John Cena is back in the news again for the same reason it’s appeared in the news so many times before. As improbable — maybe even impossible — as it sounds, the Liquid Blue Metallic Ford GT is back up for auction for the third time in the last two years. This time, the GT will once again go through Mecum Auctions, which, coincidentally, handled the supercar the last time it went up for auction at its Dallas event…four months ago. Say what you will about the Ford GT’s appeal, but it’s hard to imagine what kind of jinx this GT is carrying that’s turned it into the supercar equivalent of a hot potato.

John Cena’s 2017 Ford GT is Up for Auction Again

The Curious Case of John Cena's Ford GT
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We’ve seen this song-and-dance number before, haven’t we? What is it about this Ford GT that was originally owned by John Cena that leaves owners wanting to sell it soon after buying it? If you’ve been living under a rock and you don’t know the whole story of this GT, then here’s the background of how its become one of the most infamous supercars in recent memory.

Back in 2017, Ford sold a $500,000 GT to John Cena as part of a selection process that included evaluating the potential buyer’s interest in cars, ownership of other high-end vehicles, and their social reach.

Since Cena arguably one of the most popular athletes in the world by virtue of his work in the WWE, Ford offered the GT to him with certain clauses in the purchase contract, including the inability to re-sell the GT for 24 months after its initial delivery. None of this would be an issue if Cena still owned his Ford GT to this day.

But, no. Mr. Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect decided that he didn’t want his GT a month after taking delivery of it. So he sold the supercar with only 30 miles on the meter to a 78-year-old Californian farmer who was an avid Ford fan who has an impressive collection of F-Series pickups and the original 2005 Ford GT. The price of the transaction? $1.54 million.

The Curious Case of John Cena's Ford GT
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Needless to say, Ford was none-too-pleased about that transaction, and it voiced its displeasure by suing Cena breaching the no-sale contract. A dramatic legal battle ensued between both sides before the two parties reached a settlement. Think that’s the end of it? Nope. We’re just getting started.

The 78-year-old farmer owned the GT for eight months before selling it at a Russo & Steele auction in August 2018.

Apparently, back issues made it difficult for him to drive the car so instead of keeping it, he decided to sell it through New Autos during Monterey’s Russo & Steele auction. At this point, the GT had 625 miles on the meter so, at the very least, the Californian farmer spent a good deal of time in it and put some miles on the GT. The GT ultimately sold a second time for an impressive $1.7 million to a new owner — let’s call him Owner No. 3 - who ended up keeping the car for one month before deciding to sell it at the Mecum auction in Dallas last September. The GT had 626 miles on the meter at that time, so if your math skills are working, then you can surmise that Owner No. 3 never even bothered to drive it.

The Curious Case of John Cena's Ford GT
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Remarkably, the GT still sold for $1.32 million at the Mecum auction to a man who will forever be remembered in these pages as Owner No. 4. It’s been five months since Owner No. 4 received the keys to the Ford GT, and according to Mecum’s listing, the supercar now has a grand total of 635 miles on the meter! Math wizards, you know what that means, right? Owner No. 4 drove the GT for a whopping total of nine miles(!) since purchasing the car back in September.

Mecum didn’t indicate if there’s a reservation price to the Ford GT, so it’s going to be interesting how much it sells for in two month’s time.

Is the notoriety going to affect its value negatively, or has all the controversy surrounding the car turned it into a golden idol? We’re going to find out soon enough as Mecum’s auction is scheduled to take place in Indianapolis, Indiana from May 14 to 19, 2019.

I’m a bit curious, too, to see what the folks from Ford’s ivory tower in Dearborn, Michigan think about all of this. I’m sure it never intended the GT supercar to get passed around like a you-know-what (let your imaginations run), but all of this is keeping the GT in the news and, subsequently, relevant in the eyes of a lot of people.

The Curious Case of John Cena's Ford GT
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On the one hand, it’s a shame that this particular Ford GT can’t seem to find eternal happiness in the arms of an owner who’ll keep it for at least a year. It’s not like it’s been cursed to high heavens after its initial celebrity owner decided to flip it for financial reasons. Remember, this is still a Ford-freakin’-GT with 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque on tap, and the ability to hit 216 mph without even batting an eyelash.

Since it only has 635 miles on it, the break-in period hasn’t even finished yet.

On the other hand, maybe there is something to this specific Ford GT. Is it possible that we’ll see this in a sale setting yet again this year? Time is gonna be the judge of that, though based on the supercar’s history, time hasn’t been kind to it either.

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Source: Mecum

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