Looks like someone is pressing Tesla to hurry up and start deliver the Cybertruck to customers

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The Cybertruck remains for the time being just a rendering, as Tesla hasn’t been able to deliver a single Cybertruck so far. Last time we heard from Elon Musk, a small number of deliveries were slated for the end of 2021 with the bulk of cars expected to reach owners in 2022.

It looks like this delay hasn’t stopped Stream It from designing the Cyberlandr, a camper/overlander designed specifically for the Tesla Cybertruck.

The Cyberlandr Is the Perfect Add-On For the Cybertruck You Don't Have
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The Cyberlandr concept is quite simple. Instead of having to tow your camper, you can mount it directly into the Cybertruck’s bed (when you’ll finally get it from Tesla) and take it wherever you go.

Stream It (the Las Vegas-based company who came up with the camper) says that once tucked in, the Cyberlandr disappears entirely inside the bed, so the tonneau cover and the tailgate can be closed. What’s more, the camper creates “an exceptionally low center of gravity” and won’t put a big dent on range because there’s virtually zero aero drag involved, just the added weight. Early estimates show a 5-percent drop in range with the camper installed.

The Cyberlandr Is the Perfect Add-On For the Cybertruck You Don't Have
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The Cyberlandr has a dry weight of 1,200 pounds (wet weight equals 1,360 pounds) and is fitted with a 40-gallon freshwater tank, four-stage water filtration, 500-watt solar panels, and a battery pack whose capacity of 20 kWh is shared with the Cybertruck.

Moreover, the camper can accommodate two adults and two kids inside its minimalistic shell and offers an interesting range of creature comforts: heated floors, a voice-activated faucet, and a 32-inch flatscreen TV.

The Cyberlandr Is the Perfect Add-On For the Cybertruck You Don't Have
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That said, the Cyberlandr won’t come cheap. You can reserve yours now (there are some discounts for early adopters), but with no certainty as to when will the Cybertruck hit the streets, we figure not many people would be willing to shell out $49,995.

Keep in mind that Tesla is also working on its own camper trailer and related add-ons; then again, who knows when those will be released.

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