• The Cybunker Is the Perfect Add-On For Your New Tesla Cybertruck

It is cool, funky, and a must-have given the weird dimensions of the Cybertruck

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When you talk about the accessories for the Tesla Cybertruck, you think about overlanding and off-road equipment. But, how about a garage for it?

A research, development, and design company called Lars Buro has come up with a garage for the oddly-shaped truck called the Cybunker. Believe it or not, this is the need of the hour because the Cybertruck DOES NOT fit in a standard two-car garage. Also, the Cybunker is not a random concept that will never see the light of the day; Lars Buro says it is production-ready.

The Cybunker Could Become A Necessary Add-On In The Future

The Cybunker Is the Perfect Add-On For Your New Tesla Cybertruck
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Squeezing a pickup truck into a garage is a problem that the majority of owners are forced to face. But, with the Cybertruck, the problems are even more complicated. Being an EV, you need to have a charging station of sorts set up inside the garage and enough space to walk around the truck. With those issues in mind, Lars Buro has come up with an equally odd-shaped garage for the Cybertruck.

Unlike a brick-and-mortar garage, the Cybunker will essentially be a steel monocoque that, according to the company, can withstand the wrath of the harshest environmental conditions.
The Cybunker Is the Perfect Add-On For Your New Tesla Cybertruck
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It also features panoramic views that allow additional sunlight to enter the space.

The garage measures 1,800 square feet in total, 600 of which being the actual area where you park your truck. The rest can serve any purpose you desire; commercial use or domestic use. Lars Buro describes it as “a modular architecture that can be deployed as a hi-tech depot, an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), or an off-grid residence.”

What's more, the company will be offering solar glass panels on the roof and a battery system inside.

At the base of the Cybunker, Lars Buro has installed a “motherboard” of sorts that houses the garage’s utility and computer systems, cisterns, pumps, as well as a battery bank that stores all the energy generated from the roof’s solar panels.

It also comes with a built-in airlock and armored windows - so, are they really armored or Tesla-armored? Well, we guess you can test that with a steel ball. Unfortunately, there is no word on the pricing or availability of the Cybunker yet, but the company will share it early next year.

Garage Remodelling Is The Business You Should Get Into

The Cybunker Is the Perfect Add-On For Your New Tesla Cybertruck
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Earlier this month, a YouTuber going by Tesla Raj created an augmented reality app that showcased a life-sized Cybertruck in his garage. This was a standard-size garage, but the Cybertruck couldn’t fit in completely. In all honesty, this isn’t just a potential-Cybertruck owner problem; a lot of American households are facing this.

With the advent of trucks and SUVs, many people have swapped their sedans with these larger vehicles. The problem arises when their vehicle doesn’t fit into the garage. It became such a common problem that the niche business of garage remodelling shot up multifold in the States. According to the Detroit Free Press, owners spend anywhere between $3,000 and $12,000 on their trucks. Crazy, right?

Lars Buro Already Has A Competitor

The Cybunker Is the Perfect Add-On For Your New Tesla Cybertruck
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Apart from this, an Australian startup called Iron Matrix has also come up with a design of its own. The startup was established by ex-Chevron business analyst David Morgan.

The design is basically a solar-panel carport that teams up with its recently patented solar construction solution to provide off-the-grid living conditions.

It is made up of standard lengths of steel and can be uninstalled and fit into the bed of the Cybertruck. It also consists of a specialized joint connection that allows Iron Matrix buildings to be constructed without footings, cranes or scaffolding. Plus, it can be built anywhere. Iron Matrix is using this carport as the face of its multitude of applications in the company’s products.

Morgan said that “we [Iron Matrix] developed this Iron Matrix system with a pure intention of creating structures clad in solar panels and in also doing so, lowering the cost of solar panels by displacing solar building materials with the panels.” Unlike the Cybunker, this carport can be ordered now as Iron Matrix has received the U.S. patent approval.


The Cybunker Is the Perfect Add-On For Your New Tesla Cybertruck
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With the invasion of EVs and the cost of batteries coming down, do you think solar-powered garages, both portable and non-portable, could become the next big thing in the construction business? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Source: Lars Buro New York

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