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Legend has it that Robert Zemeckis’s first script for Back to the Future was written with the time machine as a refrigerator with a time-travel device strapped to it, in place of the now-familiar DeLorean DMC-12. Instead of the clock-tower-lightning sequence, the final scene would have had Doc Brown driving a truck into a nuclear test explosion with Marty McFly inside the refrigerator on the back. The time-traveling refrigerator would then harness the power of the blast, sending Marty back to 1985.

All that sounds preferable to spending more than five minutes in this Back to the Future time machine replica. Actually, calling it a "replica" is pretty generous. "Caricature" is probably more accurate.

This Citroën BX has been fitted with all of the famous time machine’s hallmarks, including the DeLorean’s gull-wing doors, rear nuclear-reactor vents, DMC badging, exterior wiring and even the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor it was fitted with when Doc Brown first traveled far into the future to the year 2015. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been approved for road use, and it’s wheezy four-cylinder would struggle to get it to 88 mph on the highway, much less a mall parking lot, but it does have two “new” tires and two that are “very good.” It’s currently for sale in France for €300 or about $340.

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Why it matters

Obviously, we’re just have a little fun at this French time machine’s expense. It was built for a carnival in Granville, France, and we’re sure it has many more carnivals and parades in its future. The price is also more than worth the number laughs you’d get out of it. Fun!

DeLorean DMC

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