The DeLorean Will Be Reincarnated As An EV; Is The Future Finally Upon Us?
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The DeLorean Will Be Reincarnated As An EV; Is The Future Finally Upon Us?

DMC recently put out a tweet confirming an all-new all-electric version for 2022

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It looks like the DeLorean will be reborn, this time in the EV guise. The DeLorean Motor Company put out a tweet with a short teaser announcing the same and we couldn’t be more excited.


The DeLorean Will Be Reincarnated As An EV; Is The Future Finally Upon Us?
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Modifying classic cars to work on electric powertrains is no new thing and there’s already a market for it out there. However, if there’s any car that deserves an EV powertrain, it is the DeLorean. With its iconic stainless steel body and sleek looks, the DeLorean still looks the business to this day. While the car that was made famous thanks to Doc Brown and Marty McFly back in the 80s with the ’Back to the future’ films. It looked futuristic then, and I’m sure that the next iteration will look even more futuristic.

The Next Chapter In The DeLorean Story

The OG DeLorean was penned by famed Italian designer, Giorgetto Giugiaro who’s responsible for some of the most beautiful cars in the world. The man is responsible for designing cars like the BMW M1 and the Lotus Esprit. Celebrating its 54th anniversary, his firm ItalDesign also put out a video on its social media, confirming its involvement in the project. Details about the car are bleak. We couldn’t get much from the clip apart from the gull-wing doors and perhaps a new grill or face. Time will tell.

I can imagine that the team at ItalDesign will probably clean up the lights both upfront and at the rear, but more than anything I hope that they retain the stainless steel look, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a signature feature of this iconic American automobile.

While I’m sure most of you out there already know about John DeLorean being responsible for the original DMC12 in the 80s, it was Englishman Stephen Wynne who has strived to revive the brand when he set up the DeLorean Motor Company back in 1995.

The company is now based in Texas and has been responsible for building out replicas. DMC themselves have also carried out a 200-horsepower EV conversion of the DeLorean in the past. But, this time, it looks like the firm is going a full-scale production model and I, for one ,can’t wait to see what they come up with.

Here’s Donut Media on the OG DMC DeLorean

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