The go-anywhere landlocked jet ski skateboard you didn’t know you needed

We here at TopSpeed don’t discriminate when it comes to motorized mobility. We love it all, from the mundane, to the insanely excellent. This particular conveyance would seem to fall into the latter category, with a healthy layer of eccentricity spread on top. It’s called the DTV Shredder, which, according to the folks who make it, stands for “Dual Tracked Vehicle, and then Shredder just because it, you know, shreds everything.” Yep, it’s that kinda vehicle.

Created as a small off-roader capable of year-round use, the DTV Shredder puts riders in a stand-up position gripping a fixed handle bar. Underneath are two heavy-duty rubber tracks, with steering achieved by leaning from side to side, tilting the machine in whichever direction you want to go. According to the inventors, the vehicle was modeled “after a mini tank that you ride like a skateboard,” and was designed using feedback from several “extreme sports celebrities.”

Max it out with the factory gearing, and you’ll hit 30 mph in the top end. And considering the running gear, that’s 30 mph over just about any terrain, be it mud, sand, snow, or the bodies of your slain enemies.

But this thing isn’t just a toy. If you want, you can hook up the optional hitch and tow up to 1,500 pounds of whatever you please.

That makes it useful for all kinds of folks, including “adrenaline junkies, hunters, and farmers.” Even the U.S. Government and various worldwide military organizations have expressed interest in this thing. Talk about a broad customer base.

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The DTV Shredder In-Depth Specs

The DTV Shredder Takes All-Terrain Play to a Whole New Level
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The DTV Shredder is made from tubular steel and aluminum. Making it go is a 196 cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The bore is 68 mm, while the stroke is 54 mm. There’s a 22 mm round slide Mikuni carburetor, variable CDI engine timing, two overhead valves, an NGK spark plug, a roller bearing crankshaft, and a 600 cc splash lubrication system. There’s also an electric starter to fire it up, plus a recoil pull start as backup.

Output is rated at 13 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 13 pound-feet of torque at 4,500 rpm, all of which is controlled by a thumb-operated throttle. Routing the power to the two paddle-style treads is a dual CVT.

Stopping it are hydraulic brakes. The deck pivots similarly to a skateboard, and underneath is a six-point independently articulating suspension system and cast aluminum swing arms.

Dry weight tips the scales at around 245 pounds. The external dimensions are measured at 47 inches in length, 27 inches in width, and 25 inches in height with the handlebars folded down, which is small enough to fit in the cargo space of a hatchback. Bring the bars up to operating height, and the machine is 50 inches tall.

Included is a 3.8-liter fuel tank, which the makers say is good for about an hour of “aggressive riding.”

There are three different colors to choose from, including the standard black, a camo forest theme, and a camo desert theme.

It was difficult to find an exact number for how much this thing costs, but from what I can gather, the final total is roughly $4,000. That said, prices can vary substantially, with a high of $6,000, and a low of $2,600, as found in my research.

If 30 mph doesn’t tickle your fancy, there’s an available engine kit that raises peak output to 20 horsepower, which supposedly adds an extra 20 percent to the top speed. If that’s still not enough, there’s an upcoming high-performance model packing 48 horsepower in the works. Properly applied, you’ll see 60 mph at the top end.

Source: Youtube - Marc Palud

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