Yes, we’re talking about the Mercedes-AMG S63e and S73e flagships

It was only last week that we talked about the incoming Mercedes-Benz S580e, a plug-in hybrid model packing 510 horsepower that’s also capable of traveling for about 62 miles relying solely on electricity.

Now, we’re back on the topic with Affalterbach’s take on the S-Class, namely the upcoming so-called S63e and S73e performance sedans.

Good things come to those who wait

The Electrified AMG S-Class Could Boast Supercar-Like Power and Performance Exterior
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We’re not going to say that the S-Class variants available at launch are slouches. They aren’t. The U.S. will initially get the S500 4Matic (429 horsepower, 384 pound-feet of torque) and the S580 4Matic (496 horsepower, 516 pound-feet of torque), but as Autocar reports, the hip-shattering Mercedes-AMG S63e and S73e are currently undergoing “final development” and might make an appearance in 2021 as 2022 models.

According to the British outlet, these two hard-chargers will pack AMG’s 4-liter bi-turbo V-8 and an electric motor placed on the rear axle, a 400-volt electric system, and a 20-kWh battery pack.
The Electrified AMG S-Class Could Boast Supercar-Like Power and Performance Exterior
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Even juicier are the horsepower ratings, albeit unofficial at the time of writing. The S63e will supposedly push out close to 700 horsepower, while the S73e will top that with north of 800 horsepower, as per “AMG insiders.”

Of course, it’s too early to speculate, but if these figures are close to reality, then the two AMGs will sport mad performance figures, especially in the acceleration department. The 2020 Mercedes-AMG S63, for example, needs three seconds to blast from zero to 60 mph according to Car and Driver testing, and it’s not even aided by the instant torque delivery granted by the presence of an electric motor.

The Electrified AMG S-Class Could Boast Supercar-Like Power and Performance Exterior
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Naturally, the S63e could be a tad heavier, but the extra grunt should be enough to at least compensate for the extra fluff brought by electrification.

As for price, the new-generation status and the ultra-tech-y powertrain will likely see a bump in price over the current S63e, which starts at an already-spicy $153,000.

Source: Autocar

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