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The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive

The Quicksilver S15 is a forgotten movie Star, way cooler than the "Mona Lisa" S15, and it has real racing History

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As absurd as the Fast and Furious franchise has become, you have to admit it included some amazing vehicles. In fact, not long ago, we did a list with some awesome F&F cars that, in our opinion, didn’t get enough screen time. However, there’s another one that has a history and we deemed it interesting enough to get its own article. It’s Sean’sNissan S15 Silvia from Tokyo Drift. No, not “Mona Lisa”, the other one.

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017499
The Quicksilver S15 is not like most other Fast & Furious cars
Unlike other Tokyo Drift cars, this one is a real-life drift missile

When it comes to S15s in the Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift, your first thoughts are probably of the blue and orange RB26-powered Nissan that the main protagonist smashed in the first half of the movie. The one we are talking about is actually shown in the end where it goes up against Dom’s Roadrunner.

Craig Lieberman was a technical advisor for the first two movies, so he is quite knowledgeable about what cars were in the movie. This extends to vehicles from later movies, like the one we are showcasing today.

Unlike the majority of the cars, seen in the F&F franchise, this particular one was actually a proper drift car. Sadly, the story of how the car got into the movie is buried with John David Wiser (1952-2019), who was in charge of procuring cars for the 2006 F&F Tokyo Drift.

Known as the Drift Speed Quicksilver S15

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017500
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Do you think it’s better than the "Mona Lisa" S15?

The car’s story actually begins long before the movie, as it was a well-known drift car in Japanese car culture. In fact, Pro AM drifter Matt Predmore, who is also the most recent owner of the car, says that the Quicksilver S15 was well-known long before and after the movie. He became familiar with the company Drift Speed during his time in Japan between 2005 and 2010.

Around that time, the Silvia S15 was competing in the Drift Speed USA Series. Once it became available, Matt Predmore bought the car, but had no idea that the car was already a movie star. When Drift Speed had the car, it still had an SR20DET engine in it that made around 400 horsepower. The Silvia had a variety of great parts, among which an Apex’i PowerFC, Greddy turbocharger and intake manifold, ARC intercooler, Koyo radiator, Kazam catch can, Blitz URAS boost controller, HKS air filter and oil cooler, Wise Square besiege exhaust, and other.

The build was complimented by a NISMO six-speed manual, NISMO rear differential, NISMO head gasket, and Ogura racing clutch.

Suspension-wise the car was fitted with Swift springs, Kazama adjustable control arms, and DG5 Coilover suspension, specially developed by Keiichi Tsuchiya, the Drift King himself.

Humble beginnings

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017501
The car is currently being prepared to enter the 2022 Formula Drift seasons
The S15 is expected to look a lot different than in these images

The silver Nissan initially starred as one of the 200 extra cars that were used as props for the underground parking lot scene. Eventually, it made it as Sean’s vehicle of choice after he became the drift king at the end of the movie.

Much better than the "Mona Lisa"

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017502
Still, the car will continue to do what it was meant to do
Go really fast, pull crazy angles, and destroy tires

Lieberman makes a point that the “Mona Lisa” S15 was not representative of JDM car culture, as “only the wheels were JDM”. Meanwhile, the Quicksilver S15 was much more representative of JDM car culture and, unlike the “Mona Lisa”, it wasn’t a “poser car”. Sadly, the Drift Speed Quicksilver got way less screentime than it deserved and because it wasn’t painted a bright color, people quickly forgot about it, Craig Lieberman remarks.

Who would have won between Sean and Dom?

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017503
It’s well-known in the Japanese racing scene
Built by Drift Speed, it’s been racing for nearly 20 years

This might make some people very angry, but the fact of the matter is that the S15 had at least 400 pounds weight advantage, a much nimbler chassis, and is nearly three feet (915 mm) shorter than the mighty Plymouth.

Assuming the drivers are closely matched in terms of skill, the S15 would have won hands down, according to Lieberman.

What happened to the S15 after Fast & Furious?

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017505
After Tokyo Drift, the car changed hands
Pro AM drifter, Matt Predmore, bought the car

The car’s drifting career reportedly started around 20 years ago. After the movie, the S15 was acquired by Matt Predmore, around 2011 and returned to the drift racing scene. It raced for a couple of years, after which it started showing at a wide range of drifting events, around the US.

During that period the S15 got a 2JZ engine swap, but no exact power figures were given. We would guess the car made between 600 to 700 horsepower. In 2018, “the economics of drifting stopped making sense for Pro AM drivers” and Matte Predmore ended up selling the car.

The Fast And Furious Tokyo Drift Nissan S15 Is Very Much Alive
- image 1017507
Initially, it was used as a prop for the underground parking lot scene
But at the end of the movie, it became the main protagonist’s car of choice

Fast-forward to 2021 and the car is now in the hands of Japan-based company “Buy now Japan”. The Quicksilver S15 is said to be in Georgia where it is currently being fully rebuilt for the Formula Drift Series Pro-One class, in 2022. This could mean that the Quicksilver Silvia S15 will look nothing like what we’ve seen in the Fast & Furious Tokyo Drift movie.

A good amount of the Fast & Furious movie cars were modified, but very few were actual, serious builds intended to compete. The Quicksilver is one of those few cars and because of this, it deserves to have its own story in the automotive archives of movie cars.

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