The Fast and The Furious will get a 5th installment

The Fast and The Furious will get a 5th installment
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Oh no! Due to the overwhelming success of the fourth Fast and Furious movie at the box office, the Hollywood executives are green lighting yet another installment of the F&F franchise. In order to keep the gravy train rolling, Paul Walker explained, "This was supposed to be it — but without question, Vin and I will be coming back, we’re making the fifth one and we’re going to Brazil."

Of course we all secretly enjoy seeing the cars racing and the stunts even more, but the thin plots and seriously deep bromance (best parodied by SNL) are becoming a couse for concern.


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AK47  (1024) posted on 04.20.2009

The idea behind this movie is to shut your brain down and imagine that the large coke in its holder is the gear. Then go out and drive your car home like there is no tomorrow. If you can do that, you have spent your money well.

AK47  (177) posted on 04.17.2009

i think i’d still watch the fifth installment. whatever happens, F&F is still F&F. And I’m sure that people are still going to watch it because it has become a legend for car fans like me.

AK47  (182) posted on 04.17.2009

It’s really an "oh no!" the last installment was really great and it could have nicely concluded the F&F series. But making another one would be a risk. I’m not sure if I’d still want to watch it. The fourth movie seems to be ’overstretched’ already.

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