If you thought that fastest means only Veyron, Porsche or Mercedes, then I might tell you are wrong about this. Why? Because the first speed record was established more than 100 years ago, then in 1898, Count Gaston de Chasseloup-Laubat of France drove an electric car at a speed of 39.24 miles per hour. For our time this is not quite a speed record, but for 1898 is quite something.

Back then only the wheel-powered vehicles were eligible as racing car. The "wheels era" last untill 1967, when jet and rocket-propelled vehicles were allowed, and began the ’Unlimited Era’.

In the "Unlimited Era" the land speed records increased dramaticaly so in our days the land speed record for gas engine cars is 763.035 mph and was established in 1997 by Andy Green driving the Thrust SSC.

World’s Speed Records

Year Car Speed
1967 Green Monster 434.02 mph
  Spirit of America 468.72 mph
  Green Monster 536.71 mph
1965 Spirit of America (Sonic 1) 555.583 mph
  Green Monster 576.553 mph
  Spirit of America (Sonic 1) 600.601 mph
1970 The Blue Flame 630.388 mph
1983 Thrust 2 633.46 mph
1997 Thrust SSC 763.035 mph

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Source: Cybersteering

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