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The Ferrari Purosangue Might Have a Dirty Secret

Against all odds, a new V-12 engine might land in the Purosangue

While automakers like BMW and Mercedes are downsizing their engine offerings in models like the 7 Series and even the Mercedes-AMG C43, super high-end automakers are instead using electrification to keep their legendary ICEs alive. Lamborghini has already announced a new hybrid V-12 while Bugatti has something big in the works for its next-gen supercars. Now, against all rhyme and reasoning in a time when downsizing and electrification are the key to survival, Ferrari has teased a new V-12 engine that will make its way into a “game-changing” model this summer. Now, folks, the writing is on the wall.

A V-12 Purosangue is an inevitability at this point

At this point, we know precious little about this new V-12 engine, however, in the teaser text on its website we’ve found the phrase “Heart of a Thoroughbred,” and that’s a very strong hint. In Italian, the word ’Thoroughbred’ is actually translated to ’Purosangue’, so when you put two and two together, Ferrari is essentially saying this V-12 is the heart of the Purosangue. It’s a pretty easy connection to draw nonetheless.

The 14-second clip that we’ve embedded above does little to confirm that this V-12 is, in fact, heading to the Purosangue. We get a few very quick shots of the engine itself in close detail, and that’s about the extent of it. However, it does say that this game-changing vehicle, that will have this V-12, is coming this summer, and the only model that we’re aware of coming this summer is the Purosangue, so it would be pretty unexpected for it to land in any other new vehicle.

Interestingly enough, engine choices for the upcoming Purosangue have been kept under wraps pretty well. There were rumors in 2020 that the Purosangue would get a V-12, so those rumors could have been right. It’s also believed that it will be offered as an all-electric vehicle at some point, and more recently, it was spotted on the street with what we believed to be the Ferrari 296 GTB’s plug-in hybrid powertrain. Other rumors have suggested a V-8, so it’s entirely possible that the Purosangue could be offered with an entire range of engines to choose from. If this V-12 really is one of those options, it will most likely be the range-topping model – at least until the Purosangue EV arrives, anyway.

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