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The Ferrari SP48 Unica is Evolutionary Bliss

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is an epic one-off, built for a very special client and you will never see another one like it ever

Almost everything that comes out of the Prancing horse’s "breeding grounds" can be called special. That said, it’s Ferrari’s Special Projects division that is responsible for the most unique and exclusive Ferrari models ever made, and the Italian carmaker just gave us another one. The Ferrari SP48 Unica is, as the name suggests, a one-off. It shares a platform with the F8 Tributo, but that’s where the similarities end.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is Evolutionary Bliss Exterior
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The Ferrari SP48 Unica is one of the most radical designs, the Italian carmaker has given us lately. The aggressive stance and location of the exhaust tips of the SP48 Unica are about the only thing that remains from the F8 Tributo base car. This leads us to believe that the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V-8 will be powering the special Ferrari, although we cannot say whether it will have the same 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet (770 Nm).

The roofline of the Unica is similar to that of another 2019 Ferrari P80/C - a special, track-only variant, based on the 488. While the P80/C draws some inspiration from the Berlinetta Boxer, however, the SP48 Unica is its own car, hence the name. Ferrari’s design center has made extensive use of procedural-parametric design techniques - a more systematic approach to 3D design, relying on precise calculations.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is Evolutionary Bliss Exterior
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While all Ferrari models created by the Special Projects division draw inspiration from classic models of the brand, the SP48 Unica is truly its own car, at least from the outside since the F8 Tributo’s interior layout is easily recognized. The only additions to the interior are the rear screen, which compensates for the lack of a rear windshield, and the bespoke new upholstery, which includes vast amounts of laser-perforated Alcantara over iridescent, orange fabric that matches the exterior.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is a one-off, built under the direct supervision of Ferrari Chief Design Officer, Flavio Manzoni. The car was made for a special client who was deeply involved in designing every aspect of the SP48 Unica. As you have probably guessed, the name of the car is Italian for "unique, and the SP48 Unica certainly lives up to the name.

The Ferrari SP48 Unica is Evolutionary Bliss Exterior
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