Motorsport governing body wants to know what caused the Rimac Concept One crash

By now, you’ve probably heard that Richard Hammond was involved in a horrific crash over the weekend in Switzerland. From what’s been reported, Hammond was filming with the rest of his Grand Tour mates when he lost control of the Rimac Concept One, rolling it down a hill before landing on its roof. Hammond somehow escaped the wreckage on his own, before being helped off by Swiss paramedics. The electric supercar, however, didn’t fare quite as well as it ended up catching fire and burning to a crisp. The specific details behind the crash have yet to be revealed, which is probably why the FIA is stepping in to get some answers.

According to Motorsport, the governing body of motorsport racing is looking for answers from Auto Sport Schweiz on what caused the crash during the Hemberg Bergrennen event over the weekend. In a statement, the Swiss federation said that the FIA “has been forced to demand an opinion” from the Federation regarding the circumstances that happened before the crash and what led Hammond to losing control of the Concept One. Auto Sport Schweiz added that disciplinary proceedings could be handed down if it determines from its own investigation that certain parties failed to adhere to the safety standards put in place during the event. Obviously, there’s a lot more to this story than what’s been revealed, so while Hammond is fortunate to have survived the accident, some heads could still roll in the coming days.

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Let’s hope that this was just a matter of bad luck

Richard Hammond Recovering From Surgery After Surviving Fiery Crash
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He’s undergoing knee surgery, sure, but that’s a small price to pay compared to what could’ve been

The most important part of this whole news story is that Richard Hammond is okay. Above everything else, it’s good to see the Hamster escape any life-threatening injuries from a crash that looked extremely bad. He’s undergoing knee surgery, sure, but that’s a small price to pay compared to what could’ve been.

As for the FIA getting involved, that’s completely understandable, too. Remember, the crash did happen during the filming of The Grand Tour, but it also occurred during an FIA-sanctioned motorsport event – the Hemberg Bergrennen – so any incident that happens in the event falls under the jurisdiction of the FIA. If the governing body determines that there was some kind of negligence that happened there that led to the crash, you can be sure that there’s going to be some punishment involved. As to who will get it will be determined once the investigation is finished.

The real story at this point though is why Hammond crashed the Rimac Concept One. His co-host, Jeremy Clarkson, debunked any notion that Hammond was ill-prepared to drive the 1,072-horsepower electric supercar, saying in his recounting of the incident on Drive Tribe that Hammond “had been driving the car solidly, on motorways, airfields and closed mountain roads for four days” and that he’d done “several runs on the hill climb that day.”

2017 Rimac Concept One High Resolution Exterior
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So if he knew how to handle the electric supercar, could we then just chalk this one up to a drive gone bad

So if he knew how to handle the electric supercar, could we then just chalk this one up to a drive gone bad? Maybe Hammond went a little too fast for his own instincts in that last bend that caused him to lose control of the car. It could just be that momentary lapse that caused the crash. We’ve seen it time and again happen in motorsport racing and for as long as there is racing of any kind, crashes will happen. It just so happened that this involves a high-profile celebrity and a high-profile exotic machine.

Let’s just hope Auto Sport Schweiz determines the crash was nobody’s fault and that we can just chalk it up to bad luck. The important thing is that Richard Hammond is alright.

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Source: Motorsport

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