The Tucson had a good run as Hyundai’s compact SUV, but now it seems that the South Korean-based automaker is ready to unveil its new compact SUV that will succeed the Tucson: the Hyundai iX35.

We’ve seen glimpses of this the iX35 before, but most of them have under the guise of some pretty heavy camouflage. After all, you can’t blame Hyundai for not spoiling the fun for all of us.

But now, we have photos of the iX35 in all its glory, complete with all the styling bounds that makes it completely more distinct – and attractive – than any of the Tucson’s we’ve seen before.

We’re not gonna lie, though. We expected a little bit more spice from the iX35, especially after what Hyundai showed us with the ix-onic concept at the Geneva Motor Show a few months ago.

But we’re not going to take it against them. After all, the iX35 does look like a more stylized version of the Tucson, complete with the nifty rear end design and the high-rise hood that gives it a more menacing presence.

Overall, we’re pretty pleased with how the iX35 turned out. What we’re not sure of is whether or not Hyundai plans to stick with the alphanumeric tag on the iX35 - which it will use in Europe - when the car hits the US. That part of the discussion remains under wraps.

Source: iCars Singapore

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