BMW’s M division has always been known for consistently pushing the envelope in performance and engineering. For example, the E30 M3 had a ferocious 192 horsepower inline-4 that had thrust comparable to a Jupiter missile and could still go around a corner properly. The next generation E36 M3 was powered by a brand new six cylinder engine with 240 horsepower. M’s desire to be the automotive equivalent of Magellan didn’t start or end with the M3 - the e60 M5 set the bar high with its revolutionary V10 which revved to over 7000 rpm! - but BMW keeps excelling at taking the sports car to the next level.

Proof of this comes in the latest details for the future M3. According to AutoExpress, the new M3 (due out in 2014) will revert back to a six cylinder motor as opposed to the current V8. But just because it has lost two cylinders to the relentless push for greater fuel economy, don’t think that the innovation has stopped. The newest engineering masterpiece from BMW is the tri-turbo engine. That’s right, an engine with three turbos. How does this work? Well, the first two will be rather conventional since they will run off exhaust gasses, but the third will be an electric turbo. This new engine will reportedly push out around 450 horsepower and, in addition to this inventive engine, AutoExpress reports that BMW will add more carbon fiber parts to help lower the weight.

If this M3 does come into production, BMW will set an engineering benchmark that few can hope to surpass and a performance threshold that will set them atop the heap.


Source: AutoExpress

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  (302) posted on 07.26.2011

I wonder what will be the outcome if this new BMW uses a tri-turbo. I also doubt the power of that BMW if it can handle a tri-turbo. By the way, the car is already impressive and why putting up another upgrade.

  (402) posted on 07.15.2011

Well, this one proves that BMW always surprises their followers with their designs. And I’m glad that BMW don’t give up to offer the best of cars. Hopefully, they can be more popular these year!.. Wishing them a good luck!..

  (383) posted on 07.15.2011

Is that for real??? A M3 with a tri-turbo on it? wow! that is totally awesome. Plus it uses a V10 engine? Superb!

  (447) posted on 07.15.2011

It will be really amazing if this car can handle that tri-turbo they are talking about. As time goes by, they always do some research and make upgrades about their cars. I do acknowledge their effort on this one.

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