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The Gas-Powered Macan Won’t Survive Beyond Its 10th Birthday

As Euro 7 emissions regulations creep closer, Porsche considers a short-lived dual-Macan strategy

We’ve come a long way from the original idea that the 2021 Porsche Macan would only be offered with an all-electric powertrain. That was the story in 2019, which quickly turned into word that the next-gen Macan would be all-electric but would be sold alongside the current Macan– something we called “Porsche’s dual-Macan strategy.” Now, it seems there’s even more to the story, and you might not like what you’re about to read.

Dual-Macan Strategy: It’s Not A Long-Con After All

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The original purpose of the dual-Macan strategy was to ease the transition into electrification and give consumers a choice between gas and going all-electric. After all, the Macan is currently the company’s second-best-selling model below the Cayenne (43,618 vs. 44,050 over the first half of 2021), so it’s an important model. Things keep changing, though, and a rumor back in March of 2020 suggested that Porsche was making its bravest move since it almost replaced the 911 with the 928: Selling the Macan as an EV only starting in 2024.

The Gas-Powered Macan Won't Survive Beyond Its 10th Birthday Exterior
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This news, of course, meant that the Macan EV would probably go on sale sometime in mid-2022, and while we don’t know specifics regarding that, it does seem as if this rumor was true. And, the confirmation comes from a very reliable source like, you know, Porsche’s product line boss, Sebastian Staiger. He told Autocar magazine that the fuel-powered Macan would likely be dropped in just three years.

According to him, “Today, no final decision has been taken, but we assume that 2024 will be the year.”
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Of course, it’s not simple as just making the call about how long the gas-powered Macan can survive. “Emissions laws are another limiting factor,” he claims. After all, Euro 7 regulations go into effect in 2025, and that is forcing Porsche – like all other automakers – to focus more on zero-emissions vehicles. For now, we expect the Macan EV to be revealed sometime in 2022 and will go on sale in 2023, which is some two years beyond the original timetable. The current gas-powered Macan was also updated to a minor extent to keep it going until it is put down like an old dog.

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