• The Geely Starburst Concept Looks Like a Cross Between The Volvo V40 and Cadillac Lyriq

  • This is the Geely Starburst concept A model that represents Geely’s new “Expanded Cosmos” design philosophy
  • Geely claims this is an all-new design
  • Yet the front end looks VERY similar to the Cadillac Lyriq
  • The side profile is striking with bold lines and an otherwise clean look
  • But the rear end is also somewhat familiar
  • Because it was probably based on the rear end of the Volvo V40
  • The doors open upward in a cool fashion, fully exposing the interior
  • Inside there’s a unique steering wheel with a minimalist instrument cluster
  • While the tablet display handles 99-percent of in-car functions
  • The only physical buttons seem to be on the steering wheel outside of the push-to-start button and the drive mode controller
  • Geely will never put this car into production
  • But if this is the brand’s future, it’s certainly a big step forward
  • Especially compared to cars like the Geely GE11
  • The Geely Mk-Cross
  • Or the recent crossover-coupe concept that looked way too much like the BMW X4
  • So, Geely’s future could be very interesting indeed.
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The Geely Starburst is an interesting concept, but there’s something very familiar about it

Geely itself, despite its acquisition of lotus and even owning Volvo, isn’t exactly known for making attractive cars. In fact, one could even say that Geely cars are about as dull as unsalted crackers and a glass of lemon juice. Take the Geely GE11, for example – that’s about as exciting as a Ford focus – or the Geely Mk-Cross that looks like a 90’s crossover with upgraded headlights. It did show off a concept of a new crossover coupe that looked decent until we realized it was a rip-off of the BMW X4, so I guess there’s that. The point is that Geely, isn’t exactly an interesting car maker, but that could soon change if the new Starburst Concept is any indication of what the future holds.

Looking Deeper Into the Geely Vision Starburst Concept

left right

If, at the onset, you looked at the front end of the Starburst concept and thought it was a Cadillac, well you’re in good company, because I thought the same. So, as I scratched my head and tried to figure it out, I remember the Cadillac Lyriq, and sure enough, not only does the front end resemble the Lyriq, but at a glace the logo even looks like a Cadillac logo.

Apparently, this is the showcase of Geely’s new “Expanded Cosmos design philosophy.

That said, this is a sporty coupe-like sedan so I can let the similarities for a concept car slide for now. I can appreciate the muscular front hood, and the pronounced bodylines on the side profile that also manage to give it the coupe appearance.

left right

Then you’ve got the rear end, and wouldn’t you know it, there’s also a bit of similarity to it. It’s not as bad as the front end, but the rear end does bear a striking resemblance to the Volvo V40, albeit more modern and elongated. This isn’t quite so surprising since Geely owns Volvo and it’s at least a modern interpretation of something a little closer to home. Overall, I have to admit that I do like the design of the Starburst, and it does have a very sporty look to it, despite the fact that it’s very futuristic.

The Geely Starburst Concept Looks Like a Cross Between The Volvo V40 and Cadillac Lyriq Interior
- image 994429
While the tablet display handles 99-percent of in-car functions
That futuristic design becomes even more evident when you open the doors, which open upward and expose an interior design that appears as passenger-focused as it is driver focused.

The fact that it has a steering wheel, by the way, is quite noteworthy as most “vision” concepts are void of any driver features whatsoever as the future is supposed to be fully autonomous. Beyond this the interior seems to be littered with accent lights that adorn the steering wheel, both layers of the dash, the seats, and even the door panels. The instrument cluster – if that’s what you would call it – is little more than a very tiny screen that displays your speed.

All other features from simple things like seat control and HVAC control to vital information is controlled or viewed from the large tablet display that essentially creates the center stack. The only physical buttons appear to be on the steering wheel (thumb controls), the start-stop button below the tablet display, and the drive mode selector.

Final Thoughts

The Geely Starburst Concept Looks Like a Cross Between The Volvo V40 and Cadillac Lyriq Exterior
- image 994418

All of this said, the Starburst Concept exists only to showcase Geely’s future design language. According to Guy Burgoyne, VP or Geely Design Shanghai,

“The Expanding Cosmos philosophy serves as a constant inspiration for our designers to discover a new and holistic design language that satisfies our ever-expanding and increasingly-diverse range of customers”
The Geely Starburst Concept Looks Like a Cross Between The Volvo V40 and Cadillac Lyriq Exterior
- image 994420
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With that in mind, it would seem the Geely is looking to start creating more interesting vehicles in the future. It’s unfortunately that we can’t discuss what kind of powertrain this concept has, but one would assume it would at least be electric given the current trends of the automotive industry. One would also assume that, given the interesting looks, it would be fairly quick – at least until you hit the Volvo-like speed limiter that you can assume Geely would put in place. Of course, there’s essentially zero chance that the Starburst Concept will land on a production line, so just enjoy the view while you can and dream about the future.

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Geely Auto presents a future design vision derived from its “Expanding Cosmos” philosophy
Vision Starburst pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation into a new digital age
Vision Starburst showcases new and alternative design expression for Geely Auto
Focuses on the future of human-vehicle interaction
8 June 2021, Shanghai, China. Geely Design Shanghai presented a new design vision derived from Geely’s “Expanding Cosmos” design philosophy that pushes the boundaries of technology and innovation in the new digital age. Vision Starburst examines a new and alternative expression of the “Expanding Cosmos” design philosophy which Geely Auto is using as a design board for future models.

Vice President of Geely Design Shanghai, Guy Burgoyne, said at the unveiling event, “The Expanding Cosmos philosophy serves as a constant inspiration for our designers to discover a new and holistic design language that satisfies our ever-expanding and increasingly-diverse range of customers. In search for this DNA in the new digital age, we we have pushed the boundaries of technology and innovation. Like the birth of a new star, the ideas from our talented team of global designers combined, fused, and erupted, resulting in the birth of a new design expression, a new vision, our Vision Starburst.”

The inspiration for Vision Starburst comes from the stellar phenomena where brilliant nebulas and magnificent elements come together, merging, fusing and finally bursting into new stars. Every new design concept is the result of the combination, fusion, and eruption of different ideas which become new star products that enrich the market.

In Vision Starburst, Geely Shanghai designers cooperated throughout the design process to create unity between exterior and interior, colour and materials, as well as car and user. In the conceptual design form, bursting energy and constant outward tension result in a twisted profile with curved surfaces that appear to rotate and stretch. In its details, the design takes inspiration from stellar rays and waves in the folding and crossing of lines and surfaces.

The most visually striking aspect of Vision Starburst starts at the sight of the front grille and air intake vents. The front grille has dramatically changed from previous Geely Auto designs; Vision Starburst’s sharp and unique new parabolic pattern, in combination with the new lighting design, creates an effect which echoes the theme of energy releasing from a Starburst. The concept that headlamps are the eyes of a vehicle has also been overturned as Geely designers imagine future vehicles seen through high-tech sensors. The whole vehicle visually extends from the center towards the sides, up and down, giving the front face of the vehicle a more powerful and three-dimensional aura.

The Vision Starburst’s waistline, door panels intertwine and integrate, sharp lines make for bold shapes while hiding a hint of the concept’s grand vision of infinity.

Turning inside, the interior door panels are also designed to match the characteristics of the exterior. “Cosmic Ray” light strips help to unify interior and exterior design. On top of the floating centre console, the shifter takes on an aerodynamic geometric shape that’s hollow. Four lines of light illuminate to display different gear settings.

Instruments in Vision Starburst meld with the ambient light on the dash and door panels to create a borderless visual experience, a seemingly boundless intelligent space with the user at its centre. Borderless instruments and seamless information transmission also redefines the way users interact with vehicles. Designers of Vision Starburst imagine the whole vehicle being capable of conveying vehicle and road information, increasing safety and bringing to life a whole new sensory experience for users.

The concepts of showcasing advanced technology and mobility have been applied to the illuminated wheel arches. Different lighting effects will highlight Vision Starburst while in different states, for example while charging, in motion, parking, etc. Holistic HMI inside and out is one of the major design focuses of the Vision Starburst concept. Like the exterior, the interior ambient lighting, sound, and atmosphere also change depending on the state of the vehicle, conveying information to the users in a whole new manner. The lighting interaction from the outside in, gives users a sense of speed and a new driving experience.

Geely Design’s commitment to pushing the boundary of design never ceases. Vision Starburst is a new direction for Geely’s “Expanding Cosmos”, an alternative train of thought that challenges many traditional notions of human-vehicle behavior. Although the Vision Starburst concept itself will not be made into a production vehicle, many aspects of the new design language will be taken and applied to future Geely Auto models.

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