Thanks to a generous grant, German citizens can lease a Renault Zoe for two years without paying a single Euro cent

Germany is setting a new standard when it comes to encouraging people into cleaner cars and the distribution of EV grant money. The government is currently offering a €6,000 grant for the purchase of a new EV and, thanks to the way things are set up, this means you can lease a brand new Renault Zoe without paying a penny. Here’s how it works.

Every Country Could Learn From Germany’s Current EV Grant System

The German Government Is Basically Giving Away Free Electric Cars
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Here in the United States or even in the U.K., grant money for EVs are generally deducted directly from the purchase price – that’s part of the reason why Teslas used to look so affordable. In Germany, however, the €6,000 EV grant can be spread across monthly payments instead, which opens the door from some pretty awesome deals. The deal in question today is offered by Autohays Koenig, which apparently has over 50 showrooms across Germany. The company is offering the Renault Zoe on a two-year lease for exactly €6,000. That means that anyone eligible for the EV grant can walk into a Autohaus Koenig dealer and roll out of the parking lot with possession of a Renault Zoe for the next two years, without paying a single Euro for it.

The German Government Is Basically Giving Away Free Electric Cars
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As it turns out, the deal is a pretty big hit. Since the marketing campaign has gone live, the deal has had more than 150 inquiries about the Zoe and – according to BloombergNEF – could have sold even more had the company had more sales staff:

”If we had more sales staff, we would have sold even more. We did expect an increase in sales with the subsidies, but this run really struck us.”
The German Government Is Basically Giving Away Free Electric Cars
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There’s no telling how long the lease deal will continue or if this will become more of a common thing. And it’s only for a lease, but something tells us that this will go a long way toward encouraging people into green cars and, perhaps, even improving the outlook of affordable EVS. Buying an EV at face value with no long-term experience in a model could be a tough move. If you don’t like it, you’re kind of stuck with it, and you have to pay for it. But, getting a free EV for two years? Well, that gives you time to test the waters without any cost outside of the usual insurance. It sounds like a good way to see if an EV is for you, don’t you think? Now, if only we could get a similar deal here in the U.S….

2019 Renault ZOE Powertrain Specs
ZOE R110 ZOE R135
Power 108 horsepower (80 kW) 134 horsepower (100 kW)
Torque 225 Nm (165 pound-feet) 245 Nm (180 pound-feet)
Battery pack 52 kWh 52 kWh
Range 242 miles 242 miles
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