Why do we go to France? The Eiffel Tower, the great food and wine, the wonderful romantic skyline, and the fantastic are galleries are all good reasons, but let’s face it, there’s nothing like gorgeous French women to put a smile on our faces.

At this year’s Paris Motor Show, we had plenty of vehicles to look at and they were all just lovely in their own way. While we had to look at the vehicle because, that’s our job, it was hard not to sneak a glance at the models who were presenting the vehicles. We can be pretty sure they could care less about the cars they were in, but, oh my, did they look good.

The good people at Auto123 had their photographers on hand to capture the beautiful women from the motor show, and feel free to tell us your favorite in the comment section below. Of course, if you have your own personal favorite that wasn’t listed, feel free to share it with us as well.


Source: Auto123

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  (466) posted on 06.7.2011

hmm.French women look so lovely though the main picture above is not that interesting..And I think aside from the car, car girls are also awaits in this kind of event.

  (427) posted on 06.6.2011

Those ladies are so fine just like the cars behind them. If those ladies are the one selling the cars I guess it’ll be sold out.

  (539) posted on 05.6.2011

That’s agreeable, everything about Paris is good,t hey also held car events in the nicest arena and the French girls are also cool.

  (727) posted on 04.29.2011

Yeah, aside from the beautiful place of Paris. The Autoshow here is also a wonderful event to watch! I’m one of those who waits for the Paris Motor Show!

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