The company reduced 50 miles of range and 170 horses on the SUV version of the EV so that the cargo space isn’t compromised

Almost a year after GMC reincarnated the Hummer moniker in the form of an electric supertruck, the company has now come up with an SUV based on it. Both the products are priced the same except for the top trim, so one would naturally assume them to have identical specs and features.

While the off-road tech and most of the other things are shared, the SUV comes with lower power figures and range. It took people by surprise, but GMC has now clarified that the range and horsepower had to be sacrificed to offer decent cargo room.

It’s Not As Powerful As The Hummer Truck, But It’s Still Impressive

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The Hummer pickup truck offers up to 1,000 horses and a range of up to 350 miles. On the SUV, the best you can have are 830 horses and 300 miles on a full charge. In a media interview reported by MuscleCarsAndTrucks, Hummer EV’s Chief Engineer, Al Oppenheiser, was asked about the power disparity between the SUV and the pickup truck. He noted that the shorter wheelbase and overall length meant there was less room for battery modules.

The GMC Hummer SUV Sacrifices Range And Power for Cargo Room Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
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Oppenheiser said, “We have approximately a nine-inch shorter wheelbase on SUT (pickup truck) versus SUV. We could have played around with module packaging, but that compromises cargo space and a flat load floor. We didn’t want to do that.”

Because of the ‘cramped’ space when compared to the pickup truck, the SUV had to make do with smaller battery modules. Smaller batteries mean less power for the motors to feed on, thus resulting in lesser power output and compromised performance figures.

The SUV is also five-tenths of a second slower to 60 mph from rest compared to the pickup truck, which takes three seconds flat to 60 mph.

There Don’t Seem To Be Many Other Compromises

The GMC Hummer SUV Sacrifices Range And Power for Cargo Room Exterior High Resolution
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Fortunately, the automaker has not skimped on other tech features. The Hummer SUV, just like the truck, comes with stuff like UltraVision cameras, Watts to Freedom, and SuperCruise autonomous technology. It even features Crab Walk mode, a four-wheel steer feature. This allows the SUV to have a turning radius of just 35.4 feet, making it tighter than even the much smaller Ford Mustang Mach-E.

On paper, it seems like a deficit of 170 ponies. But, 830 horses is not a small number. Also, the torque figure (at wheels) is 11,500 pound-feet; the same as the pickup truck. Oppenheiser added, “Frankly, we are not sorry that it’s ‘only’ 830 horsepower. There aren’t many internal combustion engines that can say that.” He even noted that once the technology improves and batteries get smaller, GMC will push the capabilities and improve the performance.

What Is The Hummer EV SUV All About?

The GMC Hummer SUV Sacrifices Range And Power for Cargo Room Exterior Wallpaper quality High Resolution
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In a nutshell, here are some of the salient features and specs of the SUV:

  • Based on the Hummer EV pickup truck
  • Dual and tri-motor setup, depending on the trim
  • Up to 830 horsepower and 11,500 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds
  • 300+ miles of range
  • DC Fast Charge up to 300 kW
  • 22-inch wheels
  • Extreme Off-road package available
  • Up to 35-inch tires
  • ‘Infinity Roof’ - Transparent Sky Panels
  • Adaptive Air Suspension with six inches of travel
  • Diagonal movement using ‘CrabWalk’ feature
  • ‘UltraVision’ function with 18 different camera views
  • Super Cruise hands-free driving
  • 13.4-inch touchscreen system
  • 12.3-inch screen digital instrument cluster
  • Starts at $79,995, tops out at $110,595
  • Available from early 2023
EV2 EV2X EV3X EV Edition 1 EV Edition 1 with Extreme Off-road Package
Range (miles) 250+ 300+ 300+ 300+ 280+
Horsepower Up to 625 Up to 625 Up to 830 Up to 830 Up to 830
Torque (lb-ft) Up to 7,400 Up to 7,400 Up to 11,500 Up to 11,500 Up to 11,500
0-60 mph N/A N/A ~3.5s ~3.5s ~3.5s
Motors Two motors Two motors Three motors Three motors Three motors
Battery 16-module 20-module 20-module 20-module 20-module
DC Fast-charging  400v 800v/300kW 800v/300kW 800v/300kW 800v/300kW
Price $79,995 $89,995 $99,995 $105,595 $110,595
Availability Spring 2024 Spring 2023 Spring 2023 Early 2023 Early 2023

Source: Muscle Cars and Trucks

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