More stats and details are uncovered, including a broken arm!

Thanksgiving is still 10 days away and while most people are already looking forward and Black Friday, we here at TopSpeed are more preoccupied counting down the days to something just as important. That “important” thing happens on November 18 when Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond finally return to our lives with the series premier of The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime.

Yes, we’re that excited for The Grand Tour and we’re pretty sure that we’re not the only ones. The people behind the show are probably just as stoked to finally get the show up and running, especially after engaging in arguably one of most tiring and exhaustive promotional blitzes of any new show in recent history. Seriously, the past few weeks have featured one promo ad or teaser after another of The Grand Tour, including this particular 15-second ad that gives us a peek into what we’re in store for with the show’s first season.

Apparently, destroying 27 cars and drinking 14,951 cups of coffee aren’t enough, as the show’s first season also includes 59 drag races, 42 handbrake turns, and one broken arm, courtesy of Captain Slow himself. Clarkson also previously claimed that the show traveled a total distance of almost 1.5 billion miles, which tells us nothing more than the fact that Jeremy’s sarcasm already being in mid-season form.

Some “numbers” on this list are obviously lies, but the one item that really got our attention was the 59 drag races, which is a reasonable number that doubles as an exciting indication on what we can expect from the first season. At the very least, we can all keep track on those races and see if May really did lose all of them.

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It’s been a long time coming

With The Grand Tour only four days away from premiering, it’s worth noting how long it’s been since we last saw Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond back in their element. We’ve had to go through an uneven season of the new Top Gear and a bunch of other global events that are just too depressing to even bring up, but the point is this: it’s good to see the boys back.

At the very least, having Clarkson, May, and Hammond back brings back some sort of levity to our lives and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I know it sounds trivial for some people, but it is what it is. At this point, some of us, maybe even most of us, are just looking for something - anything, really - to use as an escape from reality. And Lord knows, I never thought I’d get to see the day when I can say that Clarkson, May, and Hammond have become the sources of that escape.

But I am stoked to see them back in action and like everyone else, I’ve waited a long time for The Grand Tour to finally have its premiere. Here’s to hoping that all the hype and buzz surrounding the show can live up to the incredible expectations we have for it. Remember what happened to that last show that we had high hopes for?

Source: YouTube - The Grand Tour

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