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Amazon is pulling out all the stops in promoting the second season of The Grand Tour. From the looks of things, that now includes an edict from no less than CEO Jeff Bezos to make the show’s three hosts — Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond — look “more American.” The latest teaser of the show dives into that uncomfortable situation as Clarkson readily admits that he’s quintessentially British, right down to the “terrible teeth, lackluster hair, poor wardrobe, and a big gut.” So to appease the big boss, the three hosts trooped to the show’s makeup trailer to get their American makeovers. The results, as you can expect, are hilarious.

The Grand Tour has done a great job building up interest for its second season with all these short teasers. From the actual trailers to auditions for a new test driver, the show has managed to keep itself relevant ahead of the second season’s premiere this coming December 8 on Amazon Prime Video. The audition videos for a new test drive have been hilarious, but I have to admit, this new video that focuses on “Americanizing” the three hosts is the best one yet. It also happens to be the most scarring.

For the life of me, I probably can’t get the images of Clarkson and May sporting their American makeovers. It’s that horrible. May looks like a heavily made-up televangelist with inches of makeup on his face. Clarkson’s makeover was no better either. He’s a fake mustache away from looking like Ron Burgundy, complete with the orange complexion.

Thank the good Lord then for Richard Hammond, who still looks the same old disheveled Hamster we’ve all come to love. Hammond’s lack of a makeover is obviously another shot at an old-running joke that Hammond really is an American hiding underneath that British clothing.

The video ends with a simple yet unapologetic message from the three hosts. They’re undoubtedly famous worldwide for their exploits on the show and their era on Top Gear, but make no mistake, these blokes are British to the core. For better or worse.


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