Looks like the tour wasn’t so grand…

Traveling the world sounds fun, but even the saltiest of jet-setters can grow weary of perpetual motion. That seems to be the case with The Grand Tour, which just announced it will no longer be traveling with its massive curious tent to far-flung corners of the globe just to film its in-studio segments. Fear not – the tent will live on, (semi)-permanently erected in the Cotswolds, a rural area in south-central England, west of London. Thankfully, this means Clarkson, James, and May can now devote more time to traveling to far-flung places to actually drive stuff, leaving the relatively boring studio set back at home.

According to The Drive, the trio has already traveled to Croatia, Switzerland, Dubai, Spain, and Mozambique for segments set to air this season. The Grand Tour’s executive producer, Andy Wilman, said, "We’ll keep the studio in one place, and given how accident prone they are at the minute, that can only be a good thing." Wilman is most certainly right about the accident-prone comment. Headlines were made when Richard Hammond nearly died in a fiery crash and Jeremy Clarkson almost met his maker due to a severe case of pneumonia. It’s probably best TGT not push its luck with Captain Slow.

While this might disappoint some, The Drive points out a big positive brought by a stationary tent: attending the studio tapings will be a bit easier – that is if you can score tickets.

What do you think? Will the tent’s stationary location detract from The Grand Tour, or will the show be better for it? Let us know in the comments below.


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Source: The Drive

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