• The Grand Tour Isn’t Too Fond Of The Toyota Prius

Latest branding ploy features a pair of destroyed Priuses

Yes, those are three Toyota Priuses, or at least they were Priuses before they became the unwitting victims of The Grand Tour’s latest promotional stunt. It’s widely known that Jeremy Clarkson isn’t a big fan of the Toyota hybrid and, apparently, his disdain for the car has been turned into a marketing and branding ploy to raise even more awareness of The Grand Tour’s impending debut, as if it needed any more hype to begin it.

One of the three Prius models can be found in London while the other one, or what’s left of it, is in Berlin, Germany. A third one popped up much later and guess where it’s located? America! The one in London just in front of King’s Cross station looks to have survived its crash far better than its counterpart, but the front section of the second-guess Prius is in pretty bad shape as the hood has been crumpled up and the bumper and fenders have been completely dislodged. Still, it fared much better than the third-generation Prius found in Berlin’s Hackescher market and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, just beside some of stars in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The one in Berlin, for one reason or another, appears to have burst from the floor before getting stuck halfway through its apparent escape. Then there’s the one in LA, which looks to have made a beeline straight through the floor, before getting stuck in its own right as well.

Obviously, these three setups are nothing more than gratuitous branding for The Grand Tour. It’s the kind of thing we’ve come to expect from Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May. If for nothing else, these setups were excellently executed because we’re talking about them today, just as we’ll do when the show premieres on November 18.

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Can’t wait anymore?

I know how most of you feel because I’m feeling it too. It’s been too long since we last saw Clarkson, Hammond, and May presenting an actual motoring show. It’s been more than a year really and the fact that we’re going to see them outside of Top Gear will also take some getting used to.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like anything dramatic has happened to the three so at least we can expect them to be back to their mischievous selves in the show. As far as my expectations go, it’s going through the roof right now and, while I know that it might lead to some type of disappointment, I’m still confident that we’re not going to see any comedic drop-off from these guys. That’s what happens when you work so long together and you’ve built up the kind of chemistry these guys have for another.

So let’s get on with it, shall we? Two more days before The Grand Tour hits Amazon Prime. Two more days before all is right in the world again.

In the meantime, do check out the series of countdown teasers the show has been rolling around on a daily basis. Those have been good for a few chuckles themselves.

Source: Twitter - The Grand Tour

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