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The GTV Could Save Alfa Romeo But Skepticism Is Warranted

The Alfa Romeo GTV could be revived as a retro two-door coupe or a four-door competitor to the BMW 4 Series, i4, and Tesla Model 3.

At this point, I wouldn’t blame you if you felt bad for the Alfa Romeo brand. It’s been on the verge of death for a while now, but the brand’s new CEO and help from the newly formed Stellantis have raised a little hope. And, despite the cancelled plans to revive the GTV and 8C, we’ve recently learned that the company is still considering a new GTV, and now we know that it won’t be an SUV. In fact, if the GTV really is brought back to life, it’ll take on some pretty heavy hitters from BMW and Tesla, among others. Is there still hope for the Alfa Romeo brand? Let’s look at this new development and find out.

Alfa Romeo – A Short Timeline

The GTV Could Save Alfa Romeo But Skepticism Is Warranted
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Up to this point, there’s been a lot of drama surrounding Alfa Romeo and its future. Here’s a brief timeline:

As you can see, the brand has had a lot of ups and downs, but today, we’ve learned that the revived GTV might actually happen, with Autocar reporting that Alfa Romeo could be getting brave.

Alfa Romeo Geared to Become The “Global Premium Brand of Stellantis.”

The GTV Could Save Alfa Romeo But Skepticism Is Warranted
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Alfa Romeo’s new CEO, Jean-Phillippe Imparato, believes that Alfa Romeo “has the potential to be the global premium brand of Stellantis.” Of course, for that to happen, the company needs to get off of life support and actually start doing something right. But it does seem to be on the right track, as Imparato has a team of 49 managers working to steering Alfa Romeo out of turbulent waters as the brand focused on a ground-up renewal of its entire lineup. We learned back in May of 2021 that the GTV and even the Duetto could make a comeback, with Imparato himself saying,

“I'm very interested in the GTV. There is no statement or announcement at this stage, but I'm just giving you a personal feeling that I'm very interested in the GTV. I also love the Duetto.”
The GTV Could Save Alfa Romeo But Skepticism Is Warranted
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It’s been a little while since fuel was thrown on that fire, but now “Alfa Romeo insiders” have told Autocar that the brand is looking to make the GTV an electric four-door coupe that would do batter with cars like the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3. This would be a huge change from the last time the GTV was sold, at which point it was a sporty two-door coupe that went out of production in 2004. That latter bit of information is probably why the same outlet reports that there are other options on the table, including a two-door retro-inspired coupe. Apparently electrictrified combustion and all-electric powertrains are being considered.

As of now, few other details are known, but it’s safe to say that the new GTV (or even a new Duetto, for that matter) will be underpinned by something not left over from FCA. By 2025, the Tonale will be the only model still riding on an FCA-Developed platform, with all other models (new or new-gen) riding on platforms developed by the PSA Group and made available through parent company Stellantis. The good news is that Alfa Romeo is on the fast track to revitalization as Stellantis doesn’t want to waste any time getting the company back to a place where it can actually be profitable. With that said, it’s safe to say it’ll be a few years before we see the new GTV, but we might get to see updated versions of models in the current lineup before 2025.

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