• The HGK Supra Eurofighter Is A Prime Example of What Drift Cars Are Meant To Be

If you’re building a drift car, then make it look like this

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Latvia-based HGK has a long repertoire of drift car projects, most of which BMWs (think E92s and E46s). Every now and then, however, HGK likes to switch it up and massage Japanese sports car as well. Case in point: this rad looking Supra.

PS: It has a 2JZ engine.

Simply called the Supra Eurofighter, the drift car flaunts an exposed carbon-Kevlar body kit made by Robyworks that completely alters the stock car’s looks in a very promising manner.

The exposed treatment looks stunning; however, we expect some decals or even a full-size livery to be brought into the mix. Either way, HGK got the looks right for this project which took 12 months to completion.

The HGK Supra Eurofighter Is A Prime Example of What Drift Cars Are Meant To Be Exterior
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The real surprise, however, lies under the hood. You can kiss the BMW-sourced flat-six mill goodbye because this A90 bad boy packs a 2JZ-GTE engine tweaked to produce 1,015 horsepower at the crank or about 826 horses at the wheels. Sending powers to the rear axle is a Samsonas sequential transmission available with in either four or five-speed configuration.

Step inside and a spartan cabin greets you. Among the main highlights here we can spot a carbon fiber dashboard, Sparco seats are of race-spec ilk, and there’s even the compulsory roll cage installed as well, which means this Supra is going drifting in an official competition.

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