This is the kinda field trip we like

The major automakers boast all the time about offering a “pure” driving experience, but even the most hardcore street machines can’t compete with this – say hello to the Crosskart. Essentially a four-wheeled, rear-engine, high-performance speed pod, this is a machine that you wear like a tight pair of jeans. Strap into the single-seat cockpit, plug in the steering wheel, and hit the throttle, and you’ll be enjoying the high-revs of a 750 cc engine motivating the rear axle through a six-speed sequential transmission. Course corrections come courtesy of a quick-ratio steering system and hydraulic handbrake, and with roughly 150 horses on tap to motivate just 680 pounds of curb weight, rest assured it’s got what it takes to tap into your adrenaline reserves. And that’s exactly what the Hoonigan folks got to experience, as documented in this 14-minute video.

The video follows the crew on a field trip to Grange Motor Circuit in Southern California, where Crosskart USA provided a few examples of the aforementioned speed pods. Per usual, the Hoonigans put their feet down and hang the ass end out, displaying some slick tandem drifts on the tight race track. Hearing the engine scream alongside the screeching tire noise is a real treat, while the in-car shots and jaw-dropping drone footage capture what appears to be illegal levels of fun. Sign us up. Please?


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