Rolling into the new year on a cloud of pulverized rubber

As we count down the few remaining hours of 2017, it’s always a fun time to look back at the good stuff of the past year. As such, we listed our favorite and least favorite cars of the year, recapped the debuts that either made a big splash or a big flop, and generally argued about which opinions were right and which were obviously wrong. Looks like our friends over at The Hoonigans YouTube channel are feeling the same New Years nostalgia, and as such, they put together the above-featured video listing their favorite burnouts from 2017.

Of course, The Hoonigans aren’t exactly newbies when it comes to smoking the meats. Under the tutelage of the Hoon Master General himself, Mr. Ken Block, these folks know exactly what it takes to execute a proper burnout. And we’re not talking about just revving it up and dumping the clutch – any high schooler with a busted old V-8 and a learner’s permit can do that. No, we’re talking about the art of a burnout, with something unique to lay it all down, engine note screaming in ear-pleasing internal combustion, a fine fog of vaporized tire streaming forth into the atmosphere. The Hoonigans certainly know their stuff when it comes to the art of the burnout, and this thirteen-and-a-half minute video is a lovely display of that time-honored tradition that is the gross display of power over grip.

Picking a best of the bunch isn’t easy given the quality of tire killing on display here, so we’ll leave it up to you to post in the comments your personal favorite.


Celebrity Special – Happy Birthday Ken Block!
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